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  1. Thanks guys, I'd keep it forever just don't have the time right now to use it. It's more practical for us to rent a place for now. Someone will take care of it and get the use it deserves
  2. For sale by owner 2003 citation travel trailer ( NOT RV OR 5th WHEEL) model M36Y, very well maintained. All upgrades including real hardwood cabinets, and full size glass enclosed shower. Has just about all options available. Huge bump out kitchen and living room. Camper had light use and never been trailered over the road. Tires are stored indoors not on the camper. Lightweight Aluminum frame , and fiberglass sides. Located in Fair Haven NY. Asking $9,000 please call or email for additional information .. motivated to sell. 914-443-4301 [email protected]
  3. Email me for pictures
  4. lets do a February Tournament lol I think its the only month we do not have covered yet....Im in!!
  5. Wont be long and we wil lall be complaining how cold or how snowy it is and how much we cant wait to get the boats wet again...it all comes full cycle. ( Although I cant wait to let the carbon fly )
  6. Good luck to All for the remaining events. Cant believe the lake year is winding down already.
  7. Gillis is closed now, u have Giuseppe's pizza, oconners,pleasant beach , cornerstone, 104 store, connelys in sodus , and by far the best of them all the cottage inn restaurant in red creek highly recommended [ Post made via iPhone ]
  8. Looking for 2 Scotty pro pack riggers with adjustable 60 inch boom.
  9. Those straightline winds were insane lol, How many guys does it take to dock a trojan lmao?
  10. Have someone coming Sunday, will advise if they are still available.
  11. I am currently selling 3 scotty 1116 full size electric pro-pack riggers. They are in good shape, I am asking $250.00 per rigger. All riggers are in good working condition, and were taken care of. The downriggers will be available within the next couple of weeks as they are currently in storage. Mike
  12. I am currently selling 3 scotty full size electric pro-pack riggers. They are in good shape, I am asking $350.00 per rigger or $1000 for all three. All riggers are in good working condition, and were taken care of. Mike [email protected]
  13. The fishing in Fair haven has been exellent lately. Sticks, Spoons 8-15 fow east or west has been good. Last trip out ( due to poor weather all week ) was friday and we had a 5 man limit in a couple hours. Good healthy browns with many above average size fish this year. Lets hope it lasts. Mike White Cap Charters
  14. This is probably the most anticipated high stakes and respected event on the great lakes for 2011 hands down. The class of talent..experience ..and fun is off the charts....is it may yet??? [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  15. Not 100 % sure but from what I am hearing there will not be any US Scotty tournaments this year, just the April St. Catherines, June Whitby, and Sept St. Catherines. I also heard that the Wilson Invitational will work with the King of the lake for point structure however maybe someone has more exact details on this, just what I am hearing. Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year... Mike
  16. Best way we have found to run copper or multiple coppers off the otter boards is to go to walmart or any other retail store and but some shower curtain rings. take (2) rubber bands amd attach to the copper line ( not to the backing) at the desired range. then just place the loop into the shower curtain ring and attach to planer board line and run it down as you would any other line. Works perfect for us in an weather, and releases nicely.
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