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  1. 58 minutes ago, Gator said:

    So, with all the talk about folks setting up too close to you, I had a chuckle today on Conesus when a guy towing three shanties stopped his ATV between one of my buddies and his tip ups, right in the middle of  where we were fishing. My buddy had to move his tent to see his flags! This guy on the ATV didn't even ask whether there was room or if we minded or even said boo. Not that we gave two craps (well, Scotty could have given them a crap, in a bag packaged nice nonetheless), but it would have been decent to acknowledge that there were other guys there. And it wasn't like we were fishing near other folks, just five of us in a group way the hell away from the crowd. 


    Go figure.

    Unreal. Just have like an ounce of awareness, ya know? 

  2. 3 hours ago, Gator said:


    We had the ATV on Honeoye this week, and I'm not sure that I would do it again. Simply put, the ride sucked. I don't think that we were unsafe, but I was surprised that these temperatures haven't built more ice There was still only 5-6" of black ice mid-lake with white ice, slush, and then snow on top. 


    The ATV didn't get stuck...but the million gallons of icy slush that came over the handlebars when we hit a deep pocket at 15 mph was a real waker-upper lol. I'd like to think that the past few days since Tuesday have put some more backbone into the top layer, but I wouldn't count on it. Make sure that you have chains and a good way to get your ATV out of the slush if you give it a try. 


    The bottom-line: it's doable. 

    Woof, that sounds awful. I think I will prob play it safe and get some exercise!

  3. Anyone know if Sodus or Honeoye are 4 wheeler safe yet? I would love to go exploring away from the crowds but I also don't want to die lol. I am not a super serious ice fisherman so please forgive me if this is a super dumb question. 

  4. 4 minutes ago, Silver Fox said:

    I was on honeoye Monday and had my tip ups pretty darn close together and not all spread out. Everyone still had to walk right down the middle of them. I get it, sometimes you have too, but their was a ton of room around me.

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    Yah I am not trying to be a grouch but there is so much lake...... so you know how it goes 

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  5. Got on bass and pickerel at honeoye. Slow but steady pick on tipups and jawjackers. Panfish bite was nada. Bass shiners early, fatheads as sun came up. 

    side note, what is it about honeoye ice fisherman that makes them come 20 yards from your spread and drill holes for like 30 min? Fishing would be better if people spread out....


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  6. 7 hours ago, Gator said:

    Man, she's been chowing well. Good find.


    I wish my food plot looked like Ken's! The stupid deer ate everything is sight before late October. One of the three still has some marble sized beets and radishes, but that's it. I'd put up a fence, but I'm not into the $$ and having to put it up and take it down every year. I'm still mulling possibilities. I may seek some professional guidance next year on food, cover and access improvements.

    Same gator. All our plots put out decent size bulbs but they by in large got crushed before the end of bow season. Thank god I put out rye, which between that and bulbs have kept them coming back. I think seeding at a much higher rate and higher fertilizer amounts are going to be very key for me next year. 

  7. I would say shoot her. DEC did a study showing those fawns as being able to survive no problem. Nothing screws a big buck hunt like a mature blowing and teaching other deer where to not be. I rather have two year olds around, they reproduce the same.....

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  8. 25 minutes ago, Fishon11 said:

    Thinking about possibly purchasing a new muzzleloader setup and wondered what kind of feedback I can get from all you guys.... just had shoulder surgery so probably done for this year but I’m itchin for new setup for next year... thanks

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    CVA Paramount, you can’t find a more accurate and well made production gun. In my opinion. 

  9. 28 minutes ago, dawsonscreek said:

    Took this guy December 1st. My first deer with a pistol and probably equal to my nicest buck. I took the shot at 4:15 and it felt like a good one. I didn’t see the buck crash but it looked like he was struggling. The pistol was so loud that my ears were ringing so much I couldn’t here him crash either. I went up to look for sign before dark but couldn’t find anything. I walked back to the house, had some food and called my dad. He came over and we went back up to look. It had started snowing now so I was concerned we would lose what sign there may be. Nothing, couldn’t even find dig up tracks from him running. It is a small block of woods behind my house so I knew if he was dead he’d be in there. We gridded it where I saw him heading but still nothing. At this point I was sick, thinking I had either missed the buck or made a bad shot. I called a couple buddies and went back to the house to wait for them. The three of us went back in and started from the shot area again and Cody was able to find some running tracks. After following them a bit I was able to find some blood and my confidence was restored. But still unsure of the hit. The trail picked up and was pretty easy to follow slowly. We got to a spot where we lost blood for a while, but I made an arc and found some more. The trail picked up pretty good again and I was able to find some foamy blood on some goldenrod. Now I felt a lot better. We followed a few more spots and looked up 10 yards away to see my buck dead as could be and covered in snow. The shot was right behind the shoulder and smashed both lungs. I just was looking about 10 yards to close at the initial site of the shot. The buck didn’t make it 100 yards before piling up. The shot was from about 70 yards. Super happy I stuck with it and finally got a deer with the pistol, and a hell of a deer at that! This is the first time I’ve killed a deer that I “had history” with, I have his sheds from at least 2 years but potentially 3. To think that he avoided hunters all those years and I was the one that was in the right place at the right time still stuns me. Hope you enjoy the read, good luck and safe hunting! 




    Freaking stud!

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  10. Little good news this morning, the buck I shoulder blade shot during archery

     is back on camera and seems to be doing well. Amazing what they can do even with a clipped lung. Little weight off the conscience. 


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  11. 1 minute ago, whaler1 said:

    This guy has been cruising my foodplot at night. The lights in the background are my house. Have been spending time there when the wind is good but haven’t seen him yet. As the season goes further, hopefully with some cold weather and snow, maybe someone in my family will get a shot at him. IMG_1822.JPGIMG_1823.JPGIMG_1824.JPG

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    Great to at least know he is there. Late season it should pay off.

  12. Looking for what you think the best option is for night hunting for predators. I am getting after coyotes and fox this winter and I am looking to get my rig (Ruger MPR 5.56) outfitted correctly. I am open to gun mount options or just a general spotlight. 



  13. 19 minutes ago, Legacy said:

    And tonight's hunt ruined by a damn trespasser!!!! Man I dont like gun season!!!

    Of course he had the trespasser uniform on. Dark camo, no blaze orange, and no back tag. I spotted him sneaking along the property line which is the woods and field edge. I thought about getting down and walking over to him but he quickly disappeared back into the woods. 10 minutes later he appeared again farther down the field and just about in gun range of a doe and 2 fawns. I quickly packed my stuff and hauled butt over to him. I got within 200 yards of him and I noticed he was raising his gun at the deer in the field. So I yelled "YO"! There was about 25 deer in the field at this point all looking at the crazy guy (me) in the middle of the field. Needless to say the field cleared in a hurry. I yelled "yo" a second time before the clown finally saw and ran into the woods. A**hole! I just dont understand the mentality. 

    He saw deer and got to doing desperate things. People will do anything and everything. 

  14. 8G was a comparative ghost town yesterday. Very very few close shots around brockport. By the end of the day the deer were comfortable enough to be feeding on my property and acting not very spooked at all. I’m not complaining about it!


    I took a doe out from 170 with my CVA paramount crosshairs right on her shoulder and bang flop. So amazing to shoot a muzzy that’s just point and shoot out to 200.

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  15. image.thumb.png.19ea3e585c7f54603873dd4d31dcdcc1.pngIt’s no custom but man I love the CVA Paramount .45! .5 inch group 3 inches high at 100, it’s a no guess dead hold to 230. This thing is an accurate beast. Love this gun. 

    But I hate gun season, where luck or having 300 undisturbed acres determines your chances. 

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