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  1. Bump for a great deal on a solid fishing Boat. Lee I sent you a pm [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  2. thanks a bunch guys! it doesnt sound like i need to fish much differently than i do for steelies then. i appreciate all the suggestions.
  3. try a really small transparent float. and run about 6 feet of leader off of it with a single wax worm attached. dont use any other weight. the float is just to make it so you can cast. the natural floating motion of the wax worm should trigger a strike.
  4. hi, i am heading to the oak the first week in november. it has been years since i have been up in the fall but i do steelhead fish in the winter pretty regularly. i was wondering what kind of flies i should be throwing. i have caught browns in the winter months on copper johns and golden stones but was wondering what else i should add to the arsenal and also will they take flies on the swing? any info would help guys
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