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  1. I don't go out without running cutbait. It's been responsible for our biggest 5 or 6 fish this year as well as some jumbo steelheads. Fish like you used to. It's not much different. [ Post made via iPod ]
  2. When we left yesterday it was blowing straight out of the north [ Post made via iPod ]
  3. Nick, Sunday evening seemed to pick up a little. Only running 2 rods because if the wife's inexperience. We ran out to 240 and setup. I'm sure ya noticed the storm as soon as we headed out. Got north of the storm and headed out. At about 280 we took a shot on the 300 wire that ended up being a 9lb coho. Went to 400 dry and turned back. Hit a skipper on the 70 nbk and then a super nice Atlantic on the wire. At about 300 we did a real nice mid to upper 20s major on that 70 nbk. I saw him streaking on the screen with us so I moved the rigger up and down til he took. Gotta love lowrance hd sonar. Kel was amazed at how fast those majors take line and even more amazed when it hit the deck. Kept the silver and the king. All others released. Half Wired, Stu [ Post made via iPod ]
  4. Get better nick keep Rollin with the posts. I'm thinking my wife gets deck duty tomorrow night. [ Post made via iPod ]
  5. Those fish will load up on your screen this evening. They come from nowhere. Major bite has been best right at dark or a little after. [ Post made via iPod ]
  6. Calling for an easterly wind until Saturday night! Horrible! [ Post made via iPod ]
  7. Nick. Kel and I will be up around lunchtime or a little before Saturday. Keep me updated. I will fb you my cell. [ Post made via iPod ]
  8. Didn't notice them over the weekend. Few weeks ago there were tons of dead smelt in the deep water. [ Post made via iPod ]
  9. Nice pose from Andy. That fish must be 35 pounds! [ Post made via iPod ]
  10. Congrats to Theresa too! She was due for one after the dropsie wednesday [ Post made via iPod ]
  11. An atta boy from "Half Wired" at least enlighten us with a pic of the 5th place salmon! [ Post made via iPod ]
  12. I have to agree 100 percent. I was up last week. Middle of the week and the king bite was world class. First evening out we had an 18, 21, couple mid teeners (12-15lbs) then we hit a good major 26.4. We shoulda kept cutting cause we were in them heavy but we ran the good one in to weigh. A few days before that my good buddy was there in the same place. For 3 hours they could only run 1 rod cause the action was so fast. They actually decided to take a break and just sat in neutral for about 20 minutes just so they could regroup and catch their breaths. That says it all. The day after we weighed ours we hit 2 more in the lower 20s and a 19 pounder along with some fantastic looking steelies. It sorta reminds me of how it was 20some years ago when I was Viking charters protege. Tight lines, Half Wired [ Post made via iPod ]
  13. Heard andy has the marina high now. Gotta take care of that too I guess hahaha. Haha [ Post made via iPod ]
  14. Nick, I'm thinking if the weather stays fair Ron and I are gonna come up and take a couple good kings home for the smoker [ Post made via iPod ]
  15. Well it looks like that forecast has changed. What's the marine forecasts via VHF sounding like? [ Post made via iPod ]
  16. Looks like that south wind is gonna change and whip out of the west. I was thinking about coming up tonight but think I will hold til Tuesday morning [ Post made via iPod ]
  17. Wild, a month from now we are gonna be whackin jumbos [ Post made via iPod ]
  18. Gonna avoid the madness nick. See ya in a few weeks. [ Post made via iPod ]
  19. Nick, when i was filleting the fish from wednesday i pulled the big one open to see what kinda bait they were feeding on down deep like that. i pulled out 2 7" alewifes and a crayfish. a crayfish? whats the deal with that? never seen one in a salmons belly before.....
  20. 6 for 6 now. 2nd major of the year on board. at 22.9 or so on the digital. all kings [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  21. can you believe a 36.14 in early july? were gonna be lookin at some monster kings by mid august. 2 for 2 today couple 12 pounders. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  22. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: Half Wired ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 7/5 Time on Water: 3pm-7pm Weather/Temp: mid 80s Wind Speed/Direction: w/nw 10ish Waves: 2+ Surface Temp: Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits:5 Total Boated:5 Species Breakdown: kings, steelheads Hot Lure: glow noodle/ wire Trolling Speed: Down Speed: Boat Depth: Lure Depth: ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== made it to sodus early this afternoon and went out for an afternoon troll. setup in 160 fow and hit a good 8lb steelie on the first rod in the water before the second ball even made a descent. worked north and hit another steelie about the same size. shortly after took a skipper king of the wire with my own special rig i designed. worked our way a little deeper and hit a 15lb king on the same thing. turned to work back over that spot and the wire gets smoked with a long screaming run. 20 minutes later a 26lb 4oz king lay in the back of the boat. marking our first major of the season. (major being 20+) half wired [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
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