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  1. I shot it the last night of regular season, found him the next day which was late season muzzleloader opener. Took the muzzleloader in case I needed to finish him or see something else. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Thanks everyone! I don't like to give up too easily on deer. Hate to see them go to waste. It's the least I can do since I took the shot. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Well I was also lucky enough to score on the last day at around 4:40 in the afternoon. I've only hunted this land once before and the corn was still standing. So my buddy and I decided we would hunt all afternoon, but he was up too late and his girlfriend had other ideas for him that afternoon. So, I told him I would be there if he could come out. Got all settled in and kept hearing a tractor. Went to the corn and lo and behold they are cutting it. So it took a stand that overlooked the corn and figured this would be as good as any. I sent a few messages to my buddy just to rub it in, like he would to me, and watched them cut the corn. We'll they were done at 4:30 and left the area and I had seen nothing. As I'm thinking about the best recipe for tag soup this 7pt comes out of the woods and heading towards a field they hadn't cut yet. I squeezed off a shot from my .308 and he turned and ran back towards the woods. Couldn't believe I missed an open shot, he had stopped tho and I shot again and I knew he was hit. I gathered my stuff and headed towards where I thought he was and I found some blood. I tracked for a few minutes and then nothing. Not a good sign, got some help and looked again and found more sign. Tracked into the woods then back into the slash. Lost the trail again. Decided to back out and try again in the morning. Dreampt about that deer all night!! Got the girls on the bus and headed out with my usual hunting partner, yes my mom. We picked up the trail and in 45 mins found him. Unfortunately so did the coyotes. They only touched one hind quarter so it's not all a loss. Ended up gut shot. I was just glad I found him and it didn't go to waste. He's no trophy class but I'm happy with him. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. It sounds interesting. May be worth a drive if I don't get a deer in the next week. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. I feel your pain. I did that to a nice doe last week. Had a good shoulder shot opportunity at 30 yards and figured i would drop her in her tracks. Apparently i was wrong in that thinking since I looked for her for 2 hours and couldn't find her. Probably going out a couple times with the smoke pole towards the end of the week, hopefully the deer will be moving on their own. Don't like taking running shots with a muzzle loader. Good luck guys!
  7. ....And I will be eating tag stew this winter. Unless I can make something happen in muzzleloader season. Anyone else get skunked this season?
  8. Been seeing some nice bucks out there but they all seem to be just out of reach with my bow and I cant seem to get them any closer. Have been using a grunt and a can with some esterous gel and no one seems to be reacting to them. Anyone else seem to have this issue? I grunted and can called at a nice 6pt this morning and he seemed to move away from me rather than at least check it out. Kind of annoying, hung the bow up for the season and will be gunning tomorrow, but there is just something about an archery buck that is so much nicer. Any input is welcome, ready to throw all that crap away and stick to food sources. Trying to catch them on the way to the food though. Thoughts?
  9. Amazing morning in the woods today. Saw a small 4 point dogging a doe for an hour then had a nice 8 point hanging with a doe. I tried to get him to come out of the woods with a couple grunts and he wouldnt move. thats when I saw a 10 point walk over to him. Figured they would do some sparring but they didnt. The 10 pt ended up walking away while the 8 hung around then came out into the field to check things out and then left. I had to chase a button away so I could get out of my stand. Its a shame I wont be in the woods around here for a week since I'm going up to the Adirondaks for some rifle hunting. Good luck out there. This is the most action I have seen in a long long time!
  10. The waves were brutal out there today. Some how ended up with BOTH planer board lines in the prop. both were making a turn and the waves knocked us so bad that it was tangled. Worked on that one and then the other did the same thing! Brutal day, and this was during the initial set up. Gave up, went home...
  11. Nice job! always special for both to score on the same day. A few years ago my mom and I did the same thing but with our bows. Both shot bucks within a half hour of eachother!
  12. Yeah, I've been busted more times than I'd like to admit and who knows how many more that I dont know about. Just trying to adjust and try different tactics to assure a better outcome. Thanks for the input, I think I will head back there in the next few days and see if he has forgiven my intrusion. last year I bumped the same buck 4 times before I never saw him again, I think the buck today was him. 2 years ao he was a spike, last year a scraggly 6, now a beaut of a 8 point or maybe more. Would like to get my hands on him this year so I want to play it safe\smart. Thanks again, I'll post a pic if I can seal the deal!
  13. How long do you let the area around your stand rest, especially if you bump up a buck? I had a real nice 8 point get spooked when my mom got out of her stand and he ran past me when I was going to retrieve my trailcam. I had thought that i bumped him but since he ran just about 40 to 50 yards in front of me as he ran by to get into his hiding spot, we figured it was when she got down and moved some vines out of her shooting lane. I never wished I had my shotgun so bad as then when I watched him run past me, tail wasnt up and he wasnt bounding either. Probably going to stay away for a day or so to let him think it is ok to come back. What do you guys\gals do in that situation?
  14. I use one of those small black Primos 5 in one grunts that i think has worked twice in the last 10 years. Once was an opening day that was cold and very snowy, wayches a deer moving through a swamp and hit it. that buck spun around and ran full bore straight at me so fast i didnt have time to gut the gun to my shoulder. after a face off for what seemed to be an eternity he moved enough broadside to me for a quick shot to knock him down. the other time was again on opening day with a nice 8 pt that was cruzing through a cornfield on opening day 6 years ago. i had more time to get ready as he popped up out of the cornfield onto the trail i was watching. so I'm not sure if thats a decent call since it has only worked twice. And zero sucess with rattling. may go out this afternoon around lunch to try some rattling.
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