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  1. Hi,


    I have fished both lakes for my whole life. Where do you live? I would be willing to get together over a coffee or beer with you in person if it is "doable". It would be much more easy and effective than writing a "bible"on here.  I won the derby on Canandaigua last year with a 35 year derby record brown and have placed in the money about a dozen times in the derby on Seneca so I may be able to help you out. :) Les

  2. I didn't want to say this publicly but I bought a 2016 9.8 Tohatsu this season and am not real satisfied with it. My buuddy also bought one the week before me and has had problems with it (vibration). I thought it woulkd be much quieter than it is and would be much more economical than my 2 stroke 9.9 Johnson but it doesn't seem like it is. . If I were to do it over I would go with   a Merc or Honda 15 horse.Despite the fact that Tohatsu makes the small Merc motors they are to different specs than the Tohatsu brand and I think a better option (couple friends have them). The 15 horse would be the best option as it gives you a bit more oomph with less effort which ma be better in the long run for the motor as it doesn't have top work as hard, is about the same gas wise and I don't think the weight differential is much. More expensive  but I think a better deal in the long run and the resale if desired may be better as it may appeal to more folks..

    1. Never Ends

      Never Ends

      thank you, i was thinking maybe a merc.. buying an outboard is one of the most complicated decisions. I appreciate the feedback as it is so tempting to go with the best deals available (tohatsu)

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