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  1. it is alway a good show lots of good deals
  2. Is there going to be a sports show in Watkins glen this year ? if So when is it would think it would be the 17th But not sure . Thanks
  3. Is there going to be a sports show in Watkins glen this year ? if So when is it would think it would be the 17th But not sure . Thanks
  4. thanks for sharing they look great
  5. I want to spool my reel with copper and was wondering how to do it .Do you use a backer line and what about the leader line I will be trolling for trout ? Thanks for any help you give me.
  6. was out by the bouys got 10keepers with 12 holes sent back3 not a bad day just the walk back to 89
  7. I am # 72 don't want to see the Marina closed but in need of repairs
  8. you can send your old ones to Fish 307 and they will send you sharpend one don't know the price but you can go to fish307.com and get information if this helps you
  9. wingman

    cayuta lake

    thanks look forward to the report
  10. wingman

    cayuta lake

    Any one fishing Cayuta lake yet ? how is the ice coming?
  11. You can get 3 Lt Btls from waterloo container they also have the caps not sure of price it is on 414 going to thruway in waterloo
  12. Thanks for all your work on a great show there was a lot of good suff there. Just not enough money to buy all I would liked to have had. Thanks again to all that made it happen
  13. nice bunch of fish we will have to get together one of these days soon I am always looking for new ways to fish .Thanks perch
  14. I need to find you and see what you are doing that we are not.What tme do you go out we where out around 1200 noon till about 300 got two pickerals where do you get your bait from? we fished in about 5 to 8 feet deep we where a few hundered feet in from the north end . Thanks for the report Delbert :
  15. sorry to here hope it was not to bad bet the water was more than just cold could have been worse glad it wasn't the ice should be better after the cold night tonight Seeya on the ice Delbert
  16. no I haven't been out since sunday Sorry hope the ice is still good
  17. we walked in from the north end out to about across for a big brown house on the weat bank and a large white house that sits back a ways off the east bank in the middle of the lake about 20feet deep. Delbert
  18. well you did better than me and my fishing buddy we got skunked the wind out there was so hard that it blew over the sleds . Glad you had some luck maybe will see ya out there some other time , Delbert
  19. Where do you let it set for the month and how much fish do you put in the recipe. It sounds good hope to try . thanks Delbert
  20. just interested to find out where little lake is. I know they call cayuta lake little lake some times is this the same lake you fished? Thanks Delbert
  21. wingman

    Cayuga Lake

    well i found out for myself the ice was about 6in and the bite was sloooow we got two perch in about 3 hours called it enought hope to get out someplace mext weekend See ya on ice
  22. Name: Delbert (wingman) Location:Ovid Home Port: Boat Name/Type:1968 Pan-Yan I fish for:Perch gills bullhead and anything that will bite ================== (your welcome message to LOU - anything else you want to say to the community goes here).Very interesting site just serfing and found this site and khave enjoyed it very much Thanks to all
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