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  1. I gave these a try last year with great results. Very cheap compared to the more popular brands too. https://www.torpedodivers.com/scart/pro ... mNum=S0010
  2. You guys are too much. Everyone is so negative it means I have to buy a couple and run them. When I buy what everyone says is good, it doesn't work so hot, so maybe this is a sure bet! Summer and salmon don't come until July for us, so it will be a while before I can report back.
  3. I tried a search and it didn't come up with any hits on the word "imposter" Has anyone tried Imposter lures? You can see them at http://www.imposterlures.com/ And they look like a bait fish much more so than the spoons we all use. Thanks,
  4. Here you go. Filled mine up just right. Yds 250 50# P Pro 100 10 color 20 20#
  5. Great report Al. Thanks. I bought several Rockets a few weeks ago and will them heavy on Lake Michigan this year. Hope to have the same results that you report. Mike
  6. Shade, I placed an order from Atomik about 2 weeks ago and they refunded my money. Said they didn't have them.
  7. I've been searching the web for an online store where I can stock up on Rhys Davis "large" teasers for Rockets and bait strips. Seems that most don't carry them anymore or don't have any in stock. Looking for a suggested source and would appreciate getting pointed in the right direction. Thanks Yooperdad
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