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  1. Still available? Where are you located? Do you have pictures? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Dipseys worth every penny and then some
  3. I'm a short rod guy too. I have 8' talora wire diver rods and 7' talora one piece planner board rods for the riggers. I think what's important for fighting kings on any rod is that they have some back bone. there's nothing worse than trying to muscle in a big fish on a noodly rod.
  4. during tournaments I'm ridiculous. I work from one side of the boat to the other cleaning lines. then I start over again. you can't catch fish when your lines are messed up and the fish love those spots where the currents meet and the weeds build up. If we are fishing clean water you don't have to check that much. normally you'll get a good feel of how the water looks around you. don't leave the lines down too long
  5. I've heard dismal reports about the bar this year. that would normally be my go to. but Dalhousie has been so hot in tight there has been no need to make the run. good luck to ya
  6. Hey guys. having some trouble with the netting of fish when the dipsey lead is to long. mostly when we are running meat behind the flasher. 8' lead to flasher and 6' lead to meat makes for some tough netting. I'm looking for some tricks of the trade so to speak to get these big fish in easier. the smaller ones are easy. just grab the line and pull him close but we got a 27# fish a couple of weeks ago and he wasn't so co operative. I was lucky to have a guy that's 6'6 on the boat because the wing span was very helpful. lol
  7. I think it shows that set up on the J plug package. Out west they don't run anything with out a flasher. it'll work
  8. some days are tough though. we went 5 for 14 during KOTL amateur tourney this year. Not much hooked up that day.
  9. Bigger hooks in the fall. we up the size of our cut bait hooks to 1/0 or even 2/0 gamakatzu trebles in the fall. the #2 owners that come on the Atomic flies are nice hooks most of the year but miss a lot of hits in the fall. Great flies, all I use but I definitely noticed a bad hook up percentage on them this fall, where as 80% of the kings hooked up on the cutbait rigs hooked up well.
  10. I caught dark fish in 50fow out front of Port Weller the first week of August this year and I've caught them in 38fow out front of Port Dalhousie as late as October 18. Early bite is usually best but that's not to say they won't turn on at any time of day. All you can do is go give it a try.
  11. I feel ya being stuck to a fish Steelydan. I was attached by the fore arm to a 6Lbs Northern Pike up on the Bay of Quinte. We where connected by a Husky Jerk. Talk about a scary moment.
  12. Funny you say that. We say the same thing when the fish aren't at the bar they must be in American waters. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side "EH". Fish location changes all the time some days you'll bang em at the Bar, Some days Weller is hot while others it's all the way to Port Dalhousie or Jordan. good luck
  13. 8 year old Ethan reeled this 26 pounder in all by himself last August off the bar.
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