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  1. Thanks Todd! This time around I wasn't alone, but next time if I drive down alone I'll be sure to let you know.
  2. Well, I drove down last Thursday and fished Salmon River and Oswego River through till Saturday at 4:00PM I fished in Salmon River with eggs sacks and beads: Sportman pool south, Pineville pool, Trestle pool noth, and Black Hole: no bite. Other fishermen were all saying it was pretty slow, action was mostly going on in the lower fly section. I tried Selkirk Shores fishing the pier casting cleos, and despite absolutely beautiful weather, no bite either. I, along with a few other fishermen persisted until after sundown but no one landed any trout. Friday PM and Saturday I insisted on fishing Oswego river behind the motels with egg sacks, bucktail jigs, white bucktail grub jigs, cleos, etc, and still nothing. During this time, two browns were caught, both non-keepers, as well as a perch. So all in all, absolute miss. But hey! a bad day of fishing is still waaay better than a good day at werk! And the cabin fever is now in check. I'll be back with a vengeance in a few weeks.
  3. I fished Selkirk Shores yesterday and for as far as I could see Mexico Bay is completely free of ice.
  4. I find this very interesting. Having grown up in Northern Quebec, this all happenned in my backyard but I didn't know about the NY deal. One thing is for sure, we have up there in James Bay very good wind farming potential, transport line infrastructure is already built and available, and the only living things who'd be staring at those windmills are thousands of... caribou. Seriously though, who would argue against windmills when those gigantic dams are an even larger imprint on the landscape. Hell, they could even build their windmills on the reservoirs. But as was the case with NY, this is all highly political, so no such project is anywhere near happening. BTW, the LG2 reservoir up in northern Quebec is an interior sea with esceptionnal fishing potential of, among things pretty impressive pike, walleye and lake trout.
  5. Thanks for the tips guys. With your help I have my trip all set up now, I'll be driving down May 18th thru 20th. Say, what are the current conditions on the Oswego shore, and at the mouth of the Salmon River?
  6. Wow, thanks for the tips! This is good preparation. I'm trying to be sure I'm clear on the Salmon River regulations. If I understand right, at this time of year it's catch & realease from the first buoy at the mouth of the river and all the way up, and including the black hole in Pulaski? Or am I getting it wrong?
  7. Sweet music to my ears... Thanks for the input! Todd, thanks for the offer, that's very kind. I don't know yet if I'll be there weektime or on the weekend, but I'm eyeing around 18-20th March as a timeframe. Thanks again for the help, and other keep em coming if anything. The more knowledge the better!
  8. Hey folks, I'm getting cabin fever up here in Montreal, so I'm planning to try Lake Ontario for some trout around mid-march. I don't have a boat, nor money for a charter right now. Which means I'd like to fish from the shore, break walls, or whatever I can get to on foot. So here are a few questions I'd like to ask to help me plan this small trip: First things first: Are the shores free of ice come mid-March? Can trout be caught right from the shore at this time of year? Where would be the right spots for this? I saw on Google Earth what looks like a real nice long break wall in Oswego in front of the Steam Station: Is that accessible / realistic place to fish? Thanks for your help! sauce
  9. Are there also good spots where we can fish right from the shore, ie: a pier, wave barrier, etc, anything that doesn't require a boat? I'm from the MTL area, but would love to come down and try some shore fishing if there's anything trout or salmon to be caught from the shore.
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