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  1. we fished saturday morning no kings but 9 real nice browns, alot of that 6 pound range and a few 10 to twelve pounders
  2. if i were the guy on the dock I would have knocked your teeth out
  3. On wednsday bass fishing around the bay I say a few different places where there were just thousands on top dead, also saw alot of dead baby sunfish and bass mixed in with them. Spoke withthe dec, said they had received a few calls and would possibly be checking it out today.
  4. I was in the same area as well, didnt do as good though. had a small steelie early and a few missed hits on the riggers in the 1st half hour then couldnt buy a bite the rest of the day.
  5. Theres a boat launch in the northwest corner of the bay, no dock though. I dont know if the chanels open.
  6. I was just wondering what everyones favorite brown trout spoon is. mine is a 2 1/2 inch black and purple nk. Whats yours?
  7. Thanks guys, Do you know how many lake trout are stocked, out of sodus i usually onlyget one or two a year.
  8. Thanks guys, Do you know how many lake trout are stocked, out of sodus i usually onlyget one or two a year.
  9. Six footers suck ruff rider. especially in a fourteen foot boat. Had to deal with them three years ago outside of chaumont bay. Had to change my pants when i got home!
  10. At arneys marina in sodus point there is a 27 foot 2001 albermarle for 68,000. there was a 26 footer for 26,000 but I dont see it there anymore so it might have sold.
  11. I have a couple of questions maybe some of you could answer. Does the federal govt still stock fish? Also, how many of these stocked fish can actually reproduce succesfully? The water quality in the rivers isnt good enough i thought. See what happens when a democrat runs the federal and state governments?
  12. yes. troll around in 25 foot of water. make sure your stick baits are near bottom so either use deep divers or shallow divers on the downriggers. ive been picking at least two or three a trip out of of sodus. the other day I had fifteen off of the trailerpark. this march trolling for browns in 6 to ten foot of water i caught 15 smallmouth one day. i only ended up landing three browns. they are still worth fishing for
  13. Thankyou guys for the information. Was anyone out of sodus today? I wondered if the the fishing was slow or if i was doing something wrong.
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