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  1. 2-8' Daiwa 12-20lb Daiwa inerline downrigger rods $110.00 + shipping 2-8'6" 12-20 Daiwa inerline downrigger rods $120.00 + shipping 2-10'6" 12-30lb Daiwa inerline dipsey rods $130.00 + shipping ALL SIX RODS $300.00 + SHIPPING. ALL PRICES FIRM
  2. (2) 8' 12-20# test rods (2) 47SG reels $250.00 for pair (2) 8'6" 12-20# test rods (2) 47SG reels $270.00 for pair (2) 10'6" 12-30# test Dipsey rods (2) 47SG reels $300.00 for pair ALL 6 RODS AND REELS $600.00+SHIPPING LIKE NEW CONDITION
  3. I have four original cannon downrigger locks with two keys per lock
  4. Let me get this straight, not many boats fishing, in 2000 when Bush was elected with a republican congress oil was $27.63 a barrel, unemployment was 4% there was a $264,000,000 surplus eight years later we are in two wars, in a recesion, wall street colasplised, the houseing market colasped, we deregulated everything they could, unemployement over 8% yeb we voted for Obama and yes we did need change, unfornuatley for this country we should have got it in 2000 but no let the war hawks who sure proteted us from Osma Bin Laden, remember him when he was trapped at Tora Bora but Buba wouldn,t release the ten mountain devision to kill or capture him because we had to invade Iraq, Iraq,l if Buba was president in 1941 when the Japs hit us in Pearl harbor he would have gotten even by invading Argentina, yea I'm sure John McCain and the history buff Sara baracuda would have saved usl, wow.
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