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  1. wow what makes a difference hes a fellow fisherman who else to ask but fisherman dont think its that big of deal indian toon there is a few down near ithaca ill try to find numbers but i would try more near deans cove
  2. great fishing with a crew that works together had some great fights and nice day out
  3. looking for some help on the best inventory of moonshine lures and preferably best price too if u guys can help im looking for the new colors thanks guys pm me with clues
  4. balls deep smoked the fish yesterday
  5. sounds like a great week good job cant wait to get up there to bad work has to interfere
  6. i was thinking on tying my own trolling skirts where is the best place to buy the supplies and colors for starting to tye my own trolling flies thanx
  7. i put some beads on mine usually a glow color about 36 in lead similar to flie set up
  8. girlfriend outfished you again lol whens are next clam bake with the boys had a great time at derby w you guys wish i could of went the other night but ball games are almost done and then i have some me time thanx wayne for inviting me
  9. jeremy good job that was a nice fish i was docked right next to u we had a slow weekend also but we caught some fish and i met a lot of nice guys had a great time whens the next tourney u guys are going to time for me to go to lake o for some steelies and salmon i guess
  10. nice talking to u today jason maybe well meet up at sampson or something im in slip13 thanx barry
  11. how do you run the lead core off the otter boats with sticks i thought you had to have inline planers plz let me know thats why i havent tried it yet
  12. jason can i get a lesson some day i love learning more things
  13. sounds like a party fri night line the picnic tablesup and bring in the coolers see you guys fri night
  14. slip 13 will be there fri night boat name gunboat ch68 be there all weekend staying on boat no sites available barry-have to bring cooler with wheels on it
  15. hi jason like to see does boat have any electronics on it and where is it located
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