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  1. Sorry for the delay. Yes it has a battery, charger, case. everything it came with.
  2. I believe it's a 715c but it doesn't indicate that on the unit
  3. Perfect condition $200 or BO. Not an actual pic but this is the unit. I would also consider a trade for a flasher.
  4. I didn't mean to say that I thought it was a sheepshead. Just read my post and it was a little confusing. Just had to agree with justin that they are not bottom feeders and the fight is crazy
  5. Yeah it's a carp. It's was funny how big it was
  6. I agree with justtracytrolling. Just caught this one on a white fluke with a 1 ounce jighead. I assume she was feeding on some of the sawbellies which are all over the place. Fight was the best ever. Nice sheephead , never caught one.
  7. jcar585

    Big walleye

    Yeah the pic kinda gives it away. I didn't know Hemlock had walleye.
  8. jcar585

    Big walleye

    Friend of mine caught this on one of the fingers. About 32.5 and 13
  9. I would also be willing to sell the motor seperate. Paid 1700, will take 1500
  10. 78 glastron hp154 bass boat 15.5 ft -84 johnson 75 hp outboard- bought the motor from pugleys this spring, complete rebuild with a 1 year warranty. runs great. -2 year old minnkota bow mount trolling motor 40 lb -new floor,carpet, wiring, trailer lights -rebuilt the transom 2 years ago . my finished top of the transom doesn,t look great but its solid. -the bench seat in the boat is a mess and was my next and last project. -been out 8 times this year with no problems at all. -selling because i have to chance to buy a bigger boat 1-585-303-9915 call or text. thanks $2500 or bo will try to get better pics later
  11. jcar585

    Jigging Lakers

    Lots of great advice! Thanks guys.I knew I came to the right place. I'll let you know how it goes. Hoping to head back out Sunday.
  12. jcar585

    Jigging Lakers

    Thanks guys! Stinger hook sounds like a great idea! Using my bass set up, baitcaster with a stiff 7' rod. You know one thing i noticed out of Penn Yan was that i got a ton of marks at 50 fow. I didn't really fish that depth because everything i've read indicates the lakers are going to be deeper. But after thinking about it maybe i missed out.
  13. jcar585

    Jigging Lakers

    Tried jigging Keuka for lakers on the last 2 saturdays with little success. Launched at the state park 2 saturdays ago and one of the guys in the boat caught 3. This was his 1st time jigging as well. All of his fish were caught when i was moving the boat slowly trying to find fish on the ff. We had maybe 5 hits when we were vertical but couldn't hook up. This past saturday launched out of Penn Yan and ran down the lake until i could find fish in 70-100 fow. Got 4 or 5 hits vertical but still no hook ups. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've used 1/2 ounce to 1 ounce white jig heads with white flukes or Tubes, 10 pound braided line with a 6 ft 10 lb mono leader. Fish seem to be gone by the time i try to set the hook. There is a lot of guys on here who are good at this so i'm hoping to get some advice. Thanks!
  14. jcar585

    Outboard size for a glastron hp154

    Thanks for the reply Gez. That's what i've heard also. It's hard to find a reliable used outboard, that's why i was hoping the 40hp would be enough. What would be the biggest problem if i went that low? The boat is so small i'm surprised about the 100 hp max to begin with.
  15. Hi everyone, any advice would be appreciated. Plan on buying a used outboard for my hp154 and trying to figure out the minimum horsepower i can get away with. Boat is 700lbs, plate has max hp at 100. I was looking at a 95 40hp but was told by the salesman that it would be underpowered. I dont care about fast speeds but I don't want to cause damage to a motor either. Any input would be great .. Thanks!