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  1. Tournament’s okay for once a year…for them……hey..I’ll share…seems they are not friendly .. even to each other!.Because of MONEY..they just don’t have to tournament every other week… gettin out of hand.. it’s a sport not a job …only a few good guys making it bad for themselves on the long run.
  2. From a local ?.. It’s easy..just obey the rules of the road,..be courteous and friendly .. act like a local you’ll be rewarded,..It’s a wonderful place..personally there’s been to way many tournaments for my taste…. I wish fishing could remain a sport and not a money contest …
  3. ..I put my boat in,..trolling around picking up debris....It does seem in my area ( Clayton) less debris than 2017 so far.
  4. ..Clayton couple Northern near village dock...(Sadly live bait)...nothing off my dock 2mles up river,by Round Island. My Minnow swam all night...lol
  5. Good input to remember, I had a ray marine before the Lowrance.,...so It's going in the memory bank for next time...Thanks! "Oats" (clayton ny)
  6. I have a Lowrance, HDS, Purchased 18 mo.ago, The depth kept at times ke!pt going to nothing,..a soft reboot would recover it.,, I sent it back, No warranty of course left (1year),...so a upgrade to replace it was offered to a tune of $799.00, so I sent it back and sure enough it was bad. They do not repair them and I did bite on the new one,".I even had to download the latest version !.!.." I'm not happy with 18 months and down 2 grand..I..just bad luck or .look at Ray marine or?... down the road...
  7. great fish,...I fished all summer not one "eye"...around Chapman shoal...got a few last summer ....tried the whole box, but never at night ...
  8. Thanks Ugly Stick!...Going to be a long winter "oats"
  9. trolling Chapman shoal ..30 ft.
  10. I'm down by Spicer Bay, Been pulling stuff out as well,..Did Modify the Dock so as to get Fenders and The Whips on the dock. Made some casts off the Dock ...Noth'in hitting.
  11. yep, They are slobs when you get them, ...probably be hopeful if some small ones for future. ..Strange so little panfish around the docks anymore. used to catch minnows overnite with bread too. ......we'll see.. I hope. Thanks Prof. kev
  12. ..thanks much Prof T,..I think I have straightened out better now, It's a little different than the old Hummingbird,.. It's quite a unit,...(even in he garage)..I hope we have a great summer up there !.... Though I did not do very well on the smallies ..Also I notice, ...years ago, lots of perch, rock bass, sunfish for the kids, as not present around the dock, Only a few (darn few)perch...plenty of Cormorons though.. whats your take ? Kev
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