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  1. Interested in the roll top desk, just have a couple of questions. Can you give me a call back. Thanks, Don 967-1832
  2. Sent you at PM on the boards.....Did you receive ? Thanks, Don
  3. Justin, I have two bases....Give me a call. Thanks, Don Grace 585-967-1832
  4. Lou, I am interested in the rods...Can you please call me on my cell 967-1832. Thanks, Don
  5. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:Don Grace ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):6/19 Time on Water:5:00 - 10:30 Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: Location:Bradocks Point LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 6 Species Breakdown:five kings/one laker Hot Lure: froggy spin doctor/atomic pro-am fly Trolling Speed: 3.0 Down Speed: 2.2 Boat Depth: 225 Lure Depth: 80 +/- ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Launched out of the Genny, headed to Braddocks Point. Best water for us was 225 feet. Had two riggers down at 80 and 90 and two magnum dipseys on number three setting out 225-250. Ended six for seven, five kings and one laker. kings were 20.01, 18, 12, and two shakers. The two big kings hit the froggy spin doctor with the atomic pro-am fly. Other king hit a nitro spoon down 90. Sure was great to get into a few kings, hope its a sign of things to come.
  6. Are you keeping the trailer ? I am looking for a trailer fot my 12' aluminum boat. Thanks, Don
  7. Mike, Great job as usual. Can't wait to field test the layout, talk to you later. Don
  8. Had a short morning, took my dad fishing and he was not feeling well so we had to call it an early day. Ended up 1/1. Three year old hit a spook 70 down 10 feet back over 150 fow first thing in the am. Nice to see my dad land a fish before he started to get sick. Only other action was a massive hit on my dipsey out 275 with a green SD and a mystery howie fly. Fish took everything except my dipsey and never looked back. Hope to give it another try tomorrow morning. Good luck fishing the derby, Don
  9. Fished Sandy Creek this morning went 4/4 on the steel head in 225 - 250 FOW. Riggers were set at 70 down/30 feet back and 60 down 20 feet back. Spoons that fired were the spook, green alwie, and blue dolphin. I was running sliders with my riggers lines and the steel head were hitting both. Also had a dipsey fire out 225 with a white/blue spin doctor with a LBB howie fly. Three of the steel head were 7-10 lbs and the largest was 14lbs. Good luck this weekend, Don
  10. Fished out of Sandy Creek Sunday morning, was slow but ended up 3 for 3, two kings and a steel head. Small king hit first thing in the morning 125 fow down 90 back 20 on a spook. Larger king(20 lb) hit in 250 fow down 70 back 10 on on NK water melon with black dots. Steel head hit in 275 fow on a dipsey out 225 with a NK spin doctor flasher/Howie mystery fly. Marked some great hooks down 90 in 100-125 fow. Hooks were not as consistant out deeper but seamed to be at 60' +/-. Cold water seamed to be at 90.
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