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  1. Sorry for the delay. Yes it has a battery, charger, case. everything it came with.
  2. I believe it's a 715c but it doesn't indicate that on the unit
  3. Perfect condition $200 or BO. Not an actual pic but this is the unit. I would also consider a trade for a flasher.
  4. I didn't mean to say that I thought it was a sheepshead. Just read my post and it was a little confusing. Just had to agree with justin that they are not bottom feeders and the fight is crazy
  5. Yeah it's a carp. It's was funny how big it was
  6. I agree with justtracytrolling. Just caught this one on a white fluke with a 1 ounce jighead. I assume she was feeding on some of the sawbellies which are all over the place. Fight was the best ever. Nice sheephead , never caught one.
  7. jcar585

    Big walleye

    Yeah the pic kinda gives it away. I didn't know Hemlock had walleye.
  8. jcar585

    Big walleye

    Friend of mine caught this on one of the fingers. About 32.5 and 13
  9. I would also be willing to sell the motor seperate. Paid 1700, will take 1500
  10. 78 glastron hp154 bass boat 15.5 ft -84 johnson 75 hp outboard- bought the motor from pugleys this spring, complete rebuild with a 1 year warranty. runs great. -2 year old minnkota bow mount trolling motor 40 lb -new floor,carpet, wiring, trailer lights -rebuilt the transom 2 years ago . my finished top of the transom doesn,t look great but its solid. -the bench seat in the boat is a mess and was my next and last project. -been out 8 times this year with no problems at all. -selling because i have to chance to buy a bigger boat 1-585-303-9915 call or text. thanks $2500 or bo will try to get better pics later
  11. Lots of great advice! Thanks guys.I knew I came to the right place. I'll let you know how it goes. Hoping to head back out Sunday.
  12. Thanks guys! Stinger hook sounds like a great idea! Using my bass set up, baitcaster with a stiff 7' rod. You know one thing i noticed out of Penn Yan was that i got a ton of marks at 50 fow. I didn't really fish that depth because everything i've read indicates the lakers are going to be deeper. But after thinking about it maybe i missed out.
  13. Tried jigging Keuka for lakers on the last 2 saturdays with little success. Launched at the state park 2 saturdays ago and one of the guys in the boat caught 3. This was his 1st time jigging as well. All of his fish were caught when i was moving the boat slowly trying to find fish on the ff. We had maybe 5 hits when we were vertical but couldn't hook up. This past saturday launched out of Penn Yan and ran down the lake until i could find fish in 70-100 fow. Got 4 or 5 hits vertical but still no hook ups. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've used 1/2 ounce to 1 ounce white jig heads with white flukes or Tubes, 10 pound braided line with a 6 ft 10 lb mono leader. Fish seem to be gone by the time i try to set the hook. There is a lot of guys on here who are good at this so i'm hoping to get some advice. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the reply Gez. That's what i've heard also. It's hard to find a reliable used outboard, that's why i was hoping the 40hp would be enough. What would be the biggest problem if i went that low? The boat is so small i'm surprised about the 100 hp max to begin with.
  15. Hi everyone, any advice would be appreciated. Plan on buying a used outboard for my hp154 and trying to figure out the minimum horsepower i can get away with. Boat is 700lbs, plate has max hp at 100. I was looking at a 95 40hp but was told by the salesman that it would be underpowered. I dont care about fast speeds but I don't want to cause damage to a motor either. Any input would be great .. Thanks!
  16. Thanks guys! That bass and 3/4 of the bass we caught were on senkos. As far as weight, my "son" says it's 6.5. He's 5'7 but the fish makes him look smaller.
  17. Spent a week at honeoye bass fishing with fam. Caught well over a 100 bass with a few walleye but my son caught the one that stood out. 21.5 inches 15.5 girth. We took the pic and let it go.
  18. Hi trapper. Spend a week at conesus last summer bass fishing . We caught a lot of big ones. Beat advice i can give is fish 8-12 ft of water along weed edges. We used senkos texas rigged with a light bullet weight. Southeast corner was the best from about a quarter mile up and along the south shore to where the cottages end. Good Luck!
  19. Thanks shellback and longline for input. Both are a real possibility. When i tested the spark with in-line tester i got orange flashes and i just read they should be blue. Not sure if its the tester i bought or if the blue is if i was looking at the spark with no tester.
  20. The motor will start in the water but it runs rough and stalls most of the time when i try to idle and everytime i put it in gear.
  21. Hi any help would be appreciated. Bought the outboard this spring. Got it to run on ears but no luck in the water. compression is 110 125 125 110. Spark is good. Rebuilt the carbs, fuel pumps and changed the top and bottom gasket on the bottom cowl because it seemed like exhaust was getting inside the housing and getting sucked into the carbs. Motor seemed to run better after the carb and fuel pump rebuild but no difference in the water. Ive adjusted the air/fuel mix screws on carbs and gotten a smooth idle on land. Ive set the idle higher on land to try to make up for the extra load in water. I noticed the last time out i had water and exhaust coming up through the shift shaft housing just under the front of the cowling. I also changed the impeller and have good flow out of the motor. I plan on dropping the lower unit again to try to figure out where all the water and exhaust are coming from . Exhaust has me completely confused since it has no pipe on the the inside of the crank shaft housing. Again any help would be great. Thanks in advance.
  22. jcar585


    Anybody have advice on the best way to repair a bad transom. I restored a 78 glastron bass boat, took it on vacation to conesus last week and by the 2nd day i noticed that the fiberglass on top of the transom had cracked on each side of the motor. The motor is a 79 90 hp, about 300 lbs. I was stuck with my trolling motor the rest of the week Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  23. Heading to conesus tomorrow for a week and plan on doing a lot of fishing. Anybody been there lately with an update. Hoping to catch some bass and pike. Cottage is on the south end. Thanks
  24. Hi Chuck, If the fishfinder is still available, ill take it. thanks Jeff 585 303 9915
  25. Fished from 6:30 to 8:00 in Palmyra last night. Caught 2 Smb, 7 LMB all between 13 and 17 inches. Last 15 minutes switched from a black 4" senko to a silver minnow and caught a 27" pike. Best thing was i never moved. The 1st Bass i had on was huge but of course i lost that one. Got a good look at it and it was at least 4 pounds. Going back to the spot tonight and bringing a camera. And of course i released them all.
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