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  1. You're dreaming if you think any of it will be repealed. Stay if you want, but don't encourage people who want to continue to hunt and live free to stay and become slaves. At this point we gun owners will continue to be pushed into a corner until the sh** hits the fan. And it will, probably to late to make a difference. Like I stated earlier OP, leave like us smart ones. This state is lost to the libs. Just an FYI, we just invested over $40K into our house, bought a hunting camp and are selling EVERYTHING to get the hell out, only moving maybe 20 miles over the front lines to free America.
  2. Does anyone have any word on whats going on in the courts with these law suits? Has the law been legally implemented yet or is it suspended?
  3. To OP, if you look at the laws and stance of the MAJORITY of the people and politicians of P.A. then compare them to NY. If you think for one instant that NY will ever change, you won't pass the back ground check required to purchase AMMO in this state. Get out now if you can, one year from now the witch hunt will begin, and no legal gun owner will be safe. They will use any and all excuses to confiscate all the firearms they can. The taxes are rediculas, the liberals in Manhattan and Albany are way out of control and they are in control and will remain that way. The only way to make a difference now is to cost these idiots money by tax loss, and once out, NEVER spend a dime in this god forsaken state again until things change. Look at the law PA has on the table to make the king's so called directives(read that...ORDERS) illegal in PA. State rights take precedence over federal. One thing I know about PA people...don't mess with their guns or religion. Sorry if this offends some but its the truth, the more people who leave and the more money cost is the only thing these new dictators understand.
  4. My heart really goes out to you guys. My guns have already left NY state, and me and my family are following them as soon as possible. I know its a hard thing to do, but if more people were to leave maybe it would send a message. Things are getting worse by the day in this state and this new law is what a dictator does....NOT an elected official. "They" said the day would never happen when people would be going door to door confiscating weapons....well....looks like its here. I truly hate to leave this state, I love the hunting and fishing opportunitys...but I will NOT live in a communist state. I didn't go to war twice and loose good friends to live like this.
  5. Sham-wow is gonna make a fortune....that and cheap jewelry and cheap Chinese made junk...lmao! Not going for the first time in 17 yrs.
  6. Bumping this to the top...sorry Mods Spring is right around the corner, and the price is dropped to $4000. Will only be in this state till the house sells after that this will be higher and on sale at a local Marina. Screw NY and its illegal laws.
  7. Need you two to PM me an e-mail addy...I'm good but not that good.
  8. Sorry for a mix up ...The boat is a 88 and its a 20ft. Had one guy want a survey done to it...The answer is no, the closest surveyor is in Syracuse and would cost me around $600 to $700....for what I'm asking you could sell the motors for more. I can assure you the transom is ROCK solid and a good indication the stringers are all good. Thanks guys.
  9. The boat, Not much to say about it, needs nothing in great shape, new top, fuel pump, filters, ect. Needs to go $4000, yeah I know bad time of year. The first four wheeler, 2000 Yamaha Bigbera 400 2x4, Has winch and cargo compartment, tires excellent, needs nothing. $2000 Second four wheeler, 2006 Bambardier Outlander Max 400 2up, 4x4, new clutch kit, winch plate, tires ecxellent, ect. Needs nothing. $3500 All of these are in ecxellent condition and are truely turn key, all have been garage kept, leaveing the area and need these gone A.S.A.P. I don't check my PM's every day but I'll do my best to get back to anyone as quick as possible. Photos available upon request, Thanks.
  10. What this guy ^^^^^ says. Also you want to know the single biggest killer to hunting in general? $100 freaking, gouging, REDICULAS dollars for a RESIDENT hunting license, That alone has KILLED the amount of hunters in this state. You can try and say this BS("youth" hunt) will bring in new hunters, the fact is, its the state trying to milk more money by exploiting the hunting population. They(the DEC) could care less if this hunt will be exploited(it isn't "poaching" so stop that argument") Its plain out right exploiting a way to extend adults season. This is the beginning of the end I'm afraid, next its going to be crossbows(lazy as hell and skilless) definitely NOT bow hunting. Early muzzle loader season, ect. Oh, And higher license fee's, all for the "BETTERMENT" of the sport. Can't wait for the the vocal minority to get the antler restrictions in place in the entire state. Just keep pushing this garbage guys, pretty soon you'll be all alone in the woods and then there won't be a reason to have hunting seasons at all. Keep that in mind, me and I suspect a lot more hunters are almost to the point of giving it up all together. This nonsense is pushing out way more than it will ever hope to bring into the sport. *EDIT* I shouldn't have said PA, that states big game management practices are a study in how to crash and ruin your deer heard in as short a time as possible. My wifes family ownes over 150 acres in Potter county and haven't harvested a single deer in 2 years now. And not for trying, No thanks. *EDIT2* Sorry if I come off a little short, keep in mind me and my family live off of what we kill and grow as much as possible. It's how I was brought up, hunting deer is a way of life for me and has been for my entire life. In the last 8 or so years I've watch while my way of life has gone from a tradition to some yuppie chest beating idiot contest. I do not care if I ever shoot a 10 point wall hanger, thats not what I'm out there for, I'm out there to do what we as hunters should be doing. NOT out there so I can go to the bar or country club and brag to Chet about who shot the most points that year, thats a perversion of what we should be doing. All these reason are why hunting is dieing, if a kid goes hunting and doesn't shoot a 10 point(or any deer for that matter), he's made to feel a failure, my suggestion is teach your kids why and what your doing in the field instead of making it a stupid insignificant contest. Hell my 18 yr old step son still hasn't killed a DEER, he keeps at it because we hunt as a family and don't make it a contest.
  11. My personal feeling on this is....While some people will be honorable and use this "season" as it should be. The vast majority will abuse it like anything else these days. Got a nephew/daughter/un-interested individual about hunting? Hell, you now have a three day early gun season. Just drag em(the poor un-inerested kid) out and tag an extra deer at all of us bow hunters expense. And don't tell me it won't happen......a lot. Because everyone knows how people follow the foul hook rule/ numerous trapping rules/ no baiting rules/ tag only deer you shoot rules/ ect. Once again the vocal MINORITY gets its way while the majority gets the good old shaft......isn't that right Cayuga lake fisherman? Thats three thumbs down for our joke DEC Yeah that'll work, then you'll loose what little hard core hunters you have left after this crap $100 license fees we already pay. I know I wouldn't pay for a license anymore if that happened, not in NY anyways, I'd be giving my money to P.A. As a matter of fact, if I see any kind of spooky behavior OR to much nonsense with this, This will be the last year me and my family hunt in NY...or fish here for that matter. And whats more, the guy that wrote that nonsense you quoted has never been in contact with a truly large buck, anyone who's actually hunted a large buck knows....one mistake and the game is probably over. He's living in a fantasy world where everyone follows the rules...sorry to say most do not.
  12. PM sent Info: Yes the stringers, transom, floor, hull are all solid. The only thing degraded at all is the plywood behind the gas tank(normal for a boat this old). Note that IS NOT a stringer or a hull support.
  13. Any more interest? About to winterize it and put it in storage for the year.
  14. Ripp'in line, call me I lost your number.
  15. Thanks, She is and we love her but life dictates otherwise. Hope she goes to a good home.
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