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  1. I estimate the value around $1000 If this was all original with Cross Ram Manifold / Dual Carbs......then you really have something of great value
  2. This engine was only produced for the 67, 68 and 69 Camaro. The 69 302 had 4 bolt mains all other were 2 bolt main engines. The engine block is most likely a 327.....that what was produced in 1969
  3. The fleas stick to the braid just like the wire.
  4. I have been using Power Pro braid for years without any issues. I run 200 lb. test ....I think the 150 lb. line would be better.
  5. I am interested in this outboard. Can you provide a phone number to contact you. Thanks Dave
  6. New Mercury 15 X 17P propellar. Fits Alpha one outdrives. I bought it new for a spare and never used it. $80. Call Dave 860-384-8431
  7. Nice report. Beautiful Atlantic!
  8. Many of the Kings had lampreys attached, but they would unattach prior to netting the fish. We always bleed the kings we keep to eat.
  9. Attached are some pics from last week as I could not upload from my phone.
  10. Hey Battlehammer. This was our annual Spring salmon fishing trip. We had 10 great days here in Wilson. I might come back in July. Next weekend I will be Haddock and striped bass fishing at race point (Cape cod MA)
  11. Went out for a couple of hours and managed one King and one coho. The king hit the 300 copper pulling a Monkey puke stinger. Coho hit a green dolphin on the rigger down 60 feet.
  12. Great day today on Kings, Coho and Steelhead. Fished in 325-350 FOW. Riggers fired at 70 and 80 feet deep pulling NK mags, green with silver. 300 coppers also caught some fish. 4 Kings were around 14-18 lbs.; also caught many small kings. We had multiple doubles which adds allot of fun.
  13. Today's NOAA marine forecast of 3-5 foot waves was not accurate. , 1-2 was it.
  14. Fished today in 345 FOW and had a decent day. It was a spoon bite on the Riggers today. The morning produced many small kings, but the afternoon was much better. We boated a few majors with a mix of steelhead. 71 feet down with mag NK green / black with silver back, cannot remember the lure name.
  15. We fish today without success. Managed one small king and one steelhead. Had two other fish on; lost them after a few minutes. This weather sucks!