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  1. We would have been happy with 6 fish over 2 days. We had 2 kings and missed 2 in two half days and 1 full day. Been coming for 25 years and we've gone thru these bad years before. I'm sure we'll be back.
  2. Thought you might go swimming once or twice. Good job on the net.
  3. Hey Todd, I guess this means next year is the year of the new boat. Jeff
  4. Just saw the evening news, 6 to 12 inches of snow expected across the northern tier. When does it end?
  5. It looks like it might be a little bumpy heading out to the plant.
  6. The news reports make it sound like there will be ice on the lake until June. We keep hearing that there's a record amount of ice on the Great Lakes and I wonder how much more ice than usual is on lake Ontario ? Last nights news report said 90% of the Great Lakes are frozen and there's more cold air coming down from Canada.
  7. Has anyone stayed in the cabins that sleep four ? what did you think? Thanks
  8. Hey Len, My son and I were in Oswego two weeks ago and also had one of those great days you hope to repeat every trip. I was wondering what you thought of Costello's Cabins? jeff (from Somerset,N.J.)
  10. My wife says our kind of fishing is the most expensive pound price you can imagine.I think it's worth every penny, even with the aggrevation. sorry you had such a tough day.
  11. thats a good looking fish and it sure looks like your butts in the water. you can sign up for the derby online and make sure you do it at least one full day before you go out.
  12. you might want to trythe top quality eyeglass lens cleaner which is made for CRIZAL anti-glare eyeglass lenses.get a small bottle from an optician or optometrist and try it on a very small portion of the screen.just use a small amount and wipe with the cloth that comes with the bottle. good luck. jeff
  13. hey todd better than working and a lot more fun. jeff
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