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  1. nbajack70

    Re-Discover Your Region: the Sublime Chaos of Autumn

    NIce job,,, sweet video
  2. that's awesome,,,, little man looks like he had a blast congrats
  3. nbajack70

    Muskie pics

    monster muskie, good friends and cold beer,,,all on a houseboat; sounds like heaven.
  4. I always do better in the spring with the emerald shiners than eggs. You get more of a mixed bag too.
  5. sweet,,, I'll be on the Niagara friday and saturday. I can't wait. thanks for the report
  6. I'll take the aventa 13'6 and the Gander Steelhead rod. PM sent
  7. nbajack70

    Welcome to brown town.....

    great job once again,,,, we fish a lot of the same spots, so these vids really get me pumped up. Nice to see all those beautys are still swiming. I can't wait to get back, hopefully their lips won't be sore by then : )
  8. nbajack70

    Crazy steel and brown action....

    Nice job, I've always enjoyed your videos. Almost made it out this weekend, but the honey do list was a bit too long and couldn't do it. congrats on a great day on the water. If you're out there enough, those days happen.
  9. I'll keep an eye and an ear out for ya : ) good luck
  10. I'll be down there this weekend hoping to do the same. congrats on a great trip and thanks for the report
  11. nbajack70

    Lower falls

    nice congrats,,, kings love skein, there's no doubt about it
  12. makes sense, but I've never done it. I fished the Salmon River last weekend and there was a ton of salmon, but not many trout around yet. I'm sure you'd have a shot. You might do better around Oswego, but around any mouth you'd have a chance.
  13. I love jigging soft plastics for lakers,,,, good times and thanks for the report
  14. nice looking lakers and solid action. Looks like you had some nice weather too. congrats