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  1. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Big game ocean kayak, very stable great for fishing and duck hunting. Max weight 400lbs. I painted it for hunting. Comes with an adjustable wave paddle. Good condition some minor wear on the bottom. $500, located in Webster 12' 70lbs Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Had to walk through water to get to the boat, got rocked from Shoreline back wash, dodged debris, got rained on but..... Great day of fishing. 8 browns, 2 coho and the first king (12lb) of the season for us. Worked a pocket of green water east of the bay in 10'-15'. Bayrats 100' off the board along with the chinook divers and slim stingers took all the fish. The bonus of the day was a 11lb 8oz brown and we are on the board! Can't wait to get back out Wednesday - Saturday. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. 2nd if it falls through Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. 10ft Gobie bay rats 100' off the boards and chinook diver with chartreuse alpena diamond Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. We fished east all the fish came from Webster to Hedges. The water temp was 46.5 in that pocket there and we just worked it. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. 24' osprey expedition, it was nice yesterday had the heat cranking Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Slow pick today but managed 6 browns, and made a 7 year olds day. Hot lure was goby bay rat. 100' of the board and chinook divers with spoons Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Prop rebuilding east side of rochester I have some damaged props that need to be rebuilt. Anyone now someone locally in Rochester. Need them back by 15 March thanks Eric
  10. Canadian Fishing N of Buffalo Where to go? I would like to set up a trip to Canada somewhere north of buffalo no more than 4 hours. Does anyone have some recommendations. Looking to catch pike/Walleye and I will be taking young kids so I am looking for cabin with all the amenities. Thanks, Eric
  11. I have a 24' osprey that I need shrink wraped Webster/Macedon area. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. Great day! Left the dock at 3 with a couple veterans and his sons went west and worked 90-130. Some bait and fish all over the screen. 6-kings/1 -10lb Atlantic and a 20lb laker. Dispey's were hot with 42nd spin doc and atomic fly set at 225. Riggers set at 70,80,95 took a few.
  13. Great tournament! thanks to all who put it on and the winners! Unfortunately do to a big inspection at work I had no practice days. I left Friday after work from I-Bay and arrived in Sandy creek about 7pm and spent the night on the boat. Without practice fishing I decided to go where I knew there would be fish out 12 miles to Scotch Bonnet. We arrive around 5:40 put the first rigger down temp was 48deg 60' and it fired within 10 sec, 6lb steel. 20 min later the 260 dispey fires with a 17 lb king. We continued to work the western edge and missed a bunch of fish and boated a handful of small salmon and steelhead. Finally around 9:30 another 18lb king. Soon after that we decided to move into shallow water we did not have a chance with these smaller fish. With the amount of currents out there my Hummingbird was pretty much inop, lots of interference. Moved into 260' foot of water and fish the troughs N/S and boated 2 more kings, 1 on 500' copper and one the 110 rigger. All my kings came familiar bite. Rough day out there now I know what its like to be in washing machine for 7 hours. We ended up 17th and the crew had a great time minus the waves. Eric
  14. Like the new name for the boat, hope its running well for you.
  15. I'v been out town heading out tomorrow and just looking for a starting point? Thanks
  16. Left the bay around 7 with my dad. Been out of town for the last 3 weeks so going in blind I had low expectations. But it turned out to be a decent day. Started in 120 and trolled out to 420 and found some active fish. 74 to 115 down on rigger and dipseys 200 and 220 on the wire. Spoons and cut bait every rod took a fish. Ended up 4 steelies and 2 kings with five misses. Eric
  17. East wind sucks Back at again today, water east was cold headed west 50 deg water between the bay and the genny. Worked that water all morning boated 1 small brown then moved out to the temp break about 60' and tagged a nice 18lb king. That made the day, he hit a meat rig 44' down and then jumped 3ft in the air. After that lots if fish on the graph but could not find a program to get them going. Back to work for the next ten days. Eric
  18. Left the bay at 0700 trolled east in 8-20ft of water and before 0930 we had 10 fish a mix of browns and kings. Boated 4 kings 2 between 12-16 lbs. At one point we had a double both of them screaming out line to 300+ on the surface but both broke off. I was rigged with 12lb leaders for browns and was not expecting kings. At 9:30 the bite shut off and we scraped out 3 more browns, a laker and one steelie. It was interesting as soon as the wind blew out of the east is when the bite stopped. 80% of the fish came on a $1.99 Rebel (Fire Tiger), I had 3 of them now I am down to one after we lost that double. Eric
  19. I'v never tried but it should work as long as you find a decent school of them.
  20. Tough day for us, started out running the shore line to hedges, water looked perfect but only 1 brown about 9lbs. Moved out worked the edge of the green water boated a court couple lakers. Moved into 60ft and headed back toward the bay and boated a 17.2lb laker. That made the day. Water condition looked great just not many fish around. Eric
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