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  1. Annually fishing trip for the last 28 years. This year my Father, Uncle and cousin. Sat - fished in tight for browns the bite was hot 17 for 18. Could not break that 10lb mark but lots of fun. 20-50ft of water just west riggers down 10-40ft. Slim chartreuse Stinger was the hot spoon along with the green dolphin. Sun - Went deep 500ft of water NW in search of kings and we found them along with a boat load of steelhead. Went 15 for 25 with multiple doubles and one triple, the steelhead and the kings were very aggressive and managed to tear up some of our tackle hence 10 missed fish. The hot lure were the green dolphin with gold back. Kings came from 46-90ft down. and the steelhead were from 20-70ft. At about 1pm we hit a nice fish off the 70 rigger my uncle grabbed the rod after a a sea battle and near miss at the net we boated a 29lb 15oz king! My scale showed 31lb + but after a long run and a drive it lost some weight. The "On the Fritz" fishing does it again with its 3rd LOC fish of the year out of I-Bay! Mon - headed out to the same # 's heard knocking in the 1 year old outdrive, throttled back turned around and limped here in. The boat lived up to its name. Had two more days planned but hat will be a season ender for me. Good luck, Eric
  2. 7:00-12:30 2-kings, 24lb, 18lb 1-brown, 8lb 1-laker, 8lb First time out in 2 weeks because of work, set up a king program today. Started in 80ft within in 15 min boated a nice king on a small mich stinger 58ft rigger, 20 min later dropped another king on the 400 copper with cut bait. Worked that area for a bit but nothing else headed north at 280ft the 240 dipsey started screaming, boated another king on brads cut plug with green flasher. Just before we headed in the 400 copper down the chute started screaming but broke at the Albrite knot. Great to see some kings showing up. Eric
  3. Wow great day out of I-Bay 20 for 25. 12 browns, 3 small kings, 2 steelhead and 3 lakers. fished 0700-1100 worked 80-100 ft great screen bait/ fish ect.. 15 of the 20 fish came on a mich stinger plated with half chartreuse 70 ft rigger. Also took a 13.02oz brown on cut bait. Currently 18th loc. That is then 2nd Saturday in a row my father and I have placed. Last Saturday with a steelhead and a brown today. The key today was light line. Good luck, Eric 'On The Fritz"
  4. Despite the wind we ventured out last evening, went north to 100ft and trolled down to hedges, screen did not look good. Turned N out to 150 took 2 lakers and then a nice steelie. Turned back west lots bait and fish took 2 kings on the west troll then called it a night. 1-king 90 down gold fish flasher/ cut bait 1-king 80 down green 11" flasher/ cut bait Steelie 60 down NBK Took my friend John see pics
  5. What size flasher do you run in front of the meat and how far from the flasher?
  6. Barely made it in today, had to swim it to the dock last 100yds. I can't figure out the problem looking for a good mechanic to help. Its a 260 merc 1988 with 2100hrs. Outdrive is less than a year old. Call me at 716-353-0322. Eric
  7. My father has a 2002 volvo Penta 5.0 on a Osprey 24'. The engine has been sitting for a few years. Looking for a someone that works on volvo's to get it up an running. The engine might need to be pulled. Only has 700 hrs on he engine. Thanks, Eric
  8. My father has a 2002 volvo Penta 5.0 on a Osprey 24'. The engine has been sitting for a few years. Looking for a someone that works on volvo's to get it up an running. The engine might need to be pulled. Only has 700 hrs on he engine. Thanks, Eric
  9. Went west just passed the Genny, got the first 2 rods in the the rigger fires, 17lb king. Continued west marked a wad of bait the other rigger fired 16lb king. Turned right and in the turn the a spoon off the planer went 12lb king. It was now 0730 and could not find them again. Fished until 1000 then off to work. Another great morning off the ROC. Green and black ladder back NK-28 with a single hook, and silver and orange pro-king. 25' of water surface- 15' down.
  10. Great couple of days on the water, fished 20-45 ft of water took 14 kings over 2 days. 12 of them in the 15-19lb range we just could not break 20lbs. Also boated a mess of lakers... Patterns were different both days Tuesday green and black was hot, but today only orange both a pro-king and a J-13 rapala. There were coming off the surface and 20'/30' riggers. Back to work tomorrow but should be out Saturday.
  11. 40+ for the day kings, browns, lakers, steelhead, coho..... Biggest brown was 9lbs caught 3 around that size, also took a 15lb king. 7-25ft of water, everything was working. Amazing day! Have to work tommorow but I want to get back out.
  12. Got out around 5, had to go solo. Went east to Webster park boated 11, rebel fire tiger was the hot lure but everything boated fish. Mixed bag laker, coho's, browns, and steelhead.
  13. Finally got out after working all weekend and tagged this 10lb + brown in front of Webster park on my Kayak. Great way to start the season!
  14. Any one know of a deer processor near Webster. Thanks!
  15. Showed up to work and had to tell all my employees due to the Govt. Shutdown go home. So... I went fishing. Arrived on the water about 1000 spent an hour scanning went out to 120 no screen scanned into 60 in-front of the Genny. Set out 2 Jplugs and a spoon. Trolled all the way into the river and turned around at the ferry dock. Just as I was leaving the piers about 1200 I decided to reel up one rod was left then wap it was game on. The silver bullet fired and I boated a 25lb king. Set just that one rigger back down and headed the same . vicinity and wap again a 20lb king. I tried for another hour and nothing. Great day on the water! Fish came in 20ft of water 10ft down.
  16. Thing got slow in mid August I sent one down filled with sardine sent behind a 11" flasher and took a 25 lb king. Have not really used it other than that. I was also in Alaska this summer and coho's loved it.
  17. Also from what I understand none of the kings today were hatchery fish
  18. Fished 7am-630pm Depth 60-120 Just east of I-bay Total catch 5 kings 1coho 4 steelhead 3 brown 7 lakers Atomic flies with flasher a mix of green and white, carbon 14 and the hot ticket was a Gold salmon thrasher with cut bait (71 over 100) boated 3 kings one 31 lbs and 3 steelhead. Started in 60 ft in the am, great screen fish on bait but only a few takers, then moved out to 120 into a feed had multiple double headers with different species. Worked that line until the afternoon then move into 100 and boated my biggest of the year. Picture below my father and his prize fish. Eric "On the Fritz"
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