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  1. I have one the boom is bent but the rest of the rigger is in good shape
  2. ​​Towing Capacity over 9K. Great Truck for the western NY winter, truck is clean and good condition. Service Engine light is on, needs a new catalytic converter. Blue Book price 6,500, selling 2K below. Miles 135,398
  3. Big mistake went infront of the river with the pack nothing. Move back over 30ft water east of I-bay 22' rigger fires 18lb king. (Mich stinger blue Dolphins)10 min later outrigger fires 12lb brown (fire tiger bay rat). Wanted to stay but had to pull the boat end of season for me. At least it ended on a good note.
  4. It's time we draft a from letter to all the local congressmen/senators and government officials. I can post it on this site and each individual can print sign and mail. I would just need some decent factual info, on the effects to the local economy ect..
  5. Got 1 mature yesterday 150ft, 35ft down 60ft back on a yeck frog off of webster. There was a very strong current.
  6. I had to be towed in this year, so I know the feeling. Your right we need to help out others in need. Glad to see Mike came to your aid he is a great guy.
  7. 2015 Annual Aug trip: Fished out of I-Bay Friday – Monday with my Dad, Unlce and Cousin Friday: headed out to Scotch Bonnet, dropped the first rigger down 20 sec later a 10lb king, put right back and again 10lb king (Both came on meat). Then it was a slow go picked up a couple steelies by noon we decided to make a move. We went in front of Braddock’s in 500ft and picked a few more small kings. Sat-Monday: Fished east of I-bay, spent the mornings with mainly a brown trout program and it worked out with 2 X LOC placed fish(Currently 3rd and 11th). It was not hot and heavy but all quality fish. It was tough to get the right program dialed in because of the Biomass of baitfish! Blotting out the screen multiple times. Lots of fish on bait but with the all that bait and full moon it made for tough fishing. We only boated 3 mature kings (1 per day). We fished from 70ft -250ft. The browns all came in M-Stingers, and Spin Docs. All the kings came on Spin Docs. All and all very slow fishing for August, I hope the kings move in by next weekend. Good luck out there. Eric
  8. Started east of the bay in 70ft good screen just not hungry. Proceeded east past hedges and worked out to 150ft. Then the left rigger fires 8lb brown 84 down on a chartruse slim silver streak. Went another 1/2 mile then turned around and middle rigger fires 22lb king 94 down on Carbon 14. 10 Minuets later left rigger again 6lb atlantic. Kept the west troll boated 6 lake trout and call it a day. Took the new boat to me out today after a new engine and 45 days of work on in it (Still working on it) the "Fly-n-Fish" is ready for the Big O. She is a 24' Osprey Expedition pilot house.
  9. Taking some kids out today and I want to keep the rods bending. Any advice on where to target lake trout off I-Bay.
  10. We were out there to and boated 3 kings and dropped 3 others. Good water and lots of fish streaking through the riggers. It was all about the Downriggers for us purple NK 28 with yellow dots 30, 51 and one on the slider. What a perfect nite. Eric
  11. Sitting at work the past week reading reports drooling..... Finally got out today for the second time this year and what happened all the reports of kings? Full Moon? Did the light east wind push the water west? Left around 6:30 stared just west of hedges and trolled to Ginna varying depth from 40-70. Boated a 2 lakers, 2 steelhead and a tiny king with a full spread. Took a look at the inside water but was to clear to fish for browns. It was slow called it a day around 2. Not sure where to start tomorrow? Eric
  12. Probably a state record that we cut before realizing what I had.....
  13. http://www.silverfoxcharters.com/ Request Captain Chad, stayed at there lodge and fished with silverfox for 3 days and Chad was the best limited out on some 60-80lb's and lost a monster.
  14. 1987 Regal for sale ready to fish! 25ft, model LF, cuddy $6500 1985 Load Rite tandem trailer 5.7 L 260 HP mercruiser- 2,205 hours in freshwater only. Well maintained, remote oil filter, new outdrive 2013, 4 blade aluminum prop, stand up canvas, camper canvas , teak accents everywhere, teak swim platform, V berth with sit down head. Simrad A14 autopilot with remote, Large floor mount fish box, swivel seat. 3 cannon mag 15 with new wiring in 2014 2 X dual big john rod holders 2 x single 5ft planer masts Fish Hawk 840 Hummingbird 587ci Negatives: Teak needs some TLC, needs new seat cushions, the canvas will need to be replaced next year. Reason for selling: Upgraded to a 24’ Osprey Pilot house Boat makes a great fishing platform for Great Lakes at an affordable price, it will be docked in I-Bay near Bay Side restaurant starting this Sunday and will be available for test drive’s starting next week.
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