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  1. Three big jon downriggers for sale. Selling for my dad. He bought new brutes, no need for these. 450 or best offer takes them all. Only one comes with rod holders. 716-807-7342 thanks, roger
  2. Best battle I have seen on the boat this year. This kid wouldnt give up. Ribs still hurt from laughing at this little guy put the whoop down on this brownie this morning. Not this biggest fish picture but a great pic
  3. Listing this for a friend. In brand new condition. Barely used tournament series walker rigger. Used a few times and then taken off the boat and stored in the garage. He is looking for 350 or best offer. if interested call 440-789-2090. scott
  4. Throw some pics up if you could please. I have two buddies looking for something like this [ Post made via Android ]
  5. We will be in the west end 100 percent. 50/50 on both east end
  6. Had no issues with my fish hawk x4 last season. We fished nearly everyday. Cant say a bad thing about it other than battery replacement in the probe. Went threw a dozen or so batteries. Thats with being used 5 to 6 days a week and for usually 8 or better hours a day so really not that bad IMO
  7. Waiting list for sure on marina side. Take a peek over at mcdonoughs before you give him cash. Docks are a mess . Plus his docks run about 500 bucks a year more. There is almost no power hook ups. Think there is one that everyone shares with extension cords and one water spicket that about 30 boats share. Docks have holes and trip hazards everywhere. I was docked below timeout last year. Dock broke apart and nearly destroyed the side of my boat which he is gonna fix come spring. I could go on forever about the crap I seen from vandals to robberies of property. There will be a dock open. It was the one I had last year. [ Post made via Android ]
  8. Yep probably slippery, Wes will hook ya up with whatever you need. Lotsa show was a pretty typical show. I dont even bother looking for deals unfortunately. Its so jam packed with people you basically get herded around like cattle. I go just to support the cause and chit chat with some of the guys. Pretty sure a new venue for that show would benefit everyone. Show seems to be growing with venders. I was in crowds so tight i was ready to ask if the person next to me was gonna buy me dinner after being that close. Big crowd though means money for the pen reering so cant **** to much
  9. I usually use windows movie maker or similar program on your computer then upload the video to youtube. Most recent computers usually have the software already installed on them [ Post made via Android ]
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