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  1. Who in their right mind is just going to have a trailer hanging around able to hold an old boat Anchor...Maybe give me $500 and Id take it?
  2. Anyone fishing or fishable waters Newfane ? Or The Oak or Erie tribs? Thx
  3. Looking for a affordable drift boat. Hyde, clacker craft , willie or the likes. Pm please if you have one in decent condition.
  4. Being the catch and release kinda guy I am, I like to use 50lb braid for Salmon when pier fishing. I hunker down on that fish and haul him in pretty easily also making for a more successful release. You fight a Big ole Salmon on 10-15 lb test, that fish is as good as dead by the time you get it in. Your going to do a battle with a run-away 30lb salmon on 10-15lb test....you may land him no problem. A Half hour later and fully exhausted may as well put him in the cooler. With 50lb braid I have most salmon landed in 5-7 mins max. Released and fully revived.
  5. Hi guys...i live north of the border and spend a great deal of time fishing south of the border both Erie and lake O tribs. Have always been treated well and friendly by fellow fishermen from ny state. You will always find people who give our sport a bad name...but the good people out weigh the bad. Wish everyone a great fall season....hope it gets cold fast and sends the fair weather fishers home freeing up more space for us die hards. Tight lines guys..
  6. That is really the colour you turn after you eat one of them.
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