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  1. I can't believe you just said that as your the one that started the post. You knew the responses you were going to get before you ever clicked make new topic, this is why i basically stopped posting before I use to get to fish every weekend and posted all the time. When Seneca started getting slow I was still catching, for the simple fact i followed the fish and put hours after hours after hours in planning. Well I started receiving childish Emails from people saying I was just boasting and bragging. Then this year I make one post and get drilled in the same emails for a lack of detail, it's pathetic and now your lashing out at gentleman calling them non-posters and ridiculing them but yet your telling people not to post. What exactly are you looking for with this topic, what did you expect to happen, all you did was shine more light on Cayuga and deans cove. See you on the water Saturday good luck and tight lines.
  2. Yes there was a few tournaments on keuka about a month ago but nothing big won them lol
  3. This sport is ment to be fun and relaxing, and you can't blame people for wanting to better there chances of catching fish lord knows that's what we all want. And with that said i have always been told with deer hunting 90% of the deer are shot by 10% of the hunters and I feel that stands true with fishing also the guy that continue to put the work and time in will continue to catch fish.
  4. I fished keuka also yesterday landed 20 lost 2 launched at the south end fished north to the bluff and then picked up. Best action was over 160fow down 50-60 they were reacting really well to sudden speed changes both throttle and turns had 2 fish on flasher fly the rest came from spoons mostly off the boards and divers few on the riggers
  5. Gonna need bigger flashers time to go for Marlin
  6. Well congrats to all that fished on this tough weekend I'm sure I'm not the only one saying the fish caught had to be earned!!! Well I also have to say thanks to nick on reel stories for having me aboard for the weekend the clients he had are returning derby boys that have been Fishing it with him now for several years and let me tell you this they are here to fish and do a great job. Well Friday was nothing like we expected had a few bows and some lakers but nothing big for sure. Saturday started with a bang with bows coming quick just trying to find the right ones was the game we played. After awhile we would start to add a few more rods to the spread and fight for those lakers and it payed off when I parked a 104 rigger and literally instantly took a fish 10.91 laker that would go on to hold 1st place in the male division for the clients. We would go on to pick at lakers and bows. Day 2 we found ourselves working fast and furious to start with the Atlantic's with a 6.5 nice fish but just not enough.. And then the bows showed up and wow did we have some fun with them until the storm came through and made us head to the dock smart move knowing this lake. Sunday we would find are area we had been working destroyed by the storm water all changed full of garbage and unable to fish it so search mode it was we found some lakers and one more willing bow to play. All and all it was a fun weekend lots of laughs and smiles good times on the lake. We finished with 27 bites 15 of them were introduced to the club a few let go and a few did the one fin wave lol. Thanks again to captain nick for having me join him for the fun weekend have fun and tight lines
  7. Thanks guys and also I forgot to say congrats to Brian and his crew who also had 5 fish and got second and Bobby with there first time in the top 3 that was a great job and well done by both boats
  8. Well start off by saying great job to all that fished on Sunday that wind was brutal out there, made for almost unenjoyable moments at given times and a few tense situations lol but good group of guys in the club and some dedicated fisherman. Well due to a new job and traveling more I don't get to fish as much as I was, so I've been a little Mia lately.. Well spent Friday night and all day Saturday working on the boat cleaning new wiring oil change impellers anything and everything trying to make sure the boat was ready for the tournament. Well butch, Bill, and I left the dock around 6 with a game plan in mind silver fish fingers crossed hopeful I know for keuka but wouldn't you know the first rod in the water and the first one to fire an we have a salmon... Few seconds later a laker then another then another then another salmon another pleasant surprise fish to show up well the morning would continue to be a crush fest with fish after fish after fish coming to the boat a absolute riot. The 9 rod spread was almost to much to keep up more then once 4 of the 5 on my side were out of the water with butch and I trying to net fish reel fish and reset rods all at the same time and only had one small tangle big surprise. it was a all spoon bite for sure but with a mix of spoons being a big deal. But boat control was a ticket can't stress this enough when we would crab we got nothing when we made smooth turns and straight line trolls it was crazy. Persistence paid off and we managed a good 5 fish box for keuka. Boat worked and ran great the addition of the third rigger was great caught fish from top to bottom but the 3 color core 110 diver and riggers did most the damage
  9. John I wish your were right sir but I have to work just as hard as anyone to catch fish consistently
  10. Just means better work harder get ready for some fun and excitement
  11. Good job John and there is a pretty good chance the keep'n it reel boat will be around on Keuka Sunday too!!!
  12. Way to go buddy but we actually got lakers the other day lol
  13. Thank you pap I can say that that's only s small portion of the photos I had from the year I take lots of pictures nice to look back on
  14. color is s huge deal to him and I have found I don't order certain spoons I just say where I am going and I get spoons to match the water seems to work great for me
  15. You guys are already the elite fisherman and I won't be much competition next year as I'm not traveling for the events next year it was fun and in the future i will return but have other things to focus on for now
  16. You guys are already the elite fisherman and I won't be much competition next year as I'm not traveling for the events next year it was fun and in the future i will return but have other things to focus on for now
  17. Well the seasons not over yet my boat will be out some more but the primary time has come to a end and what a year it was from all over the finger lakes to Lake Ontario and 14 different tournaments some way better then others hahaha. From giant Browns in the spring to loc derby on Lake Ontario to the first skunk my boat had in the fall what a year the keep'n it reel boat had!! And even some ditch diving after some stupid moves I made but still lessons learned.. I can't say enough about the people that have helped this year be what it is my friend Hailey and her first place fish in memorial weekend to some great finishes in flt tournaments my first time registering a king for fall loc derby even if it didn't hold not to mention getting my mother and grandfather both back on the water and into some fish. Lost tackle along the way lost fish got wet sunburnt beat by the winds and waves either way we always fished hard and had some laughs made some memories. A-Tom-Mik flies and finger lakes tackle spoons do most the damage on my boat but you just never know what I may be dragging in the water behind that little white boat!!!
  18. All good points but like what was said before is they need to work for you for how I fish and speeds I like the flt spoons work for me I have 2 full boxes of them double triple different sizes gold backs silver nickel blue glow green glow uv not uv bubble tape shine tape all kinds close to 700 probably but I also have a few boxes with lots and lots of mixed spoons for different areas speeds chops sun and definitely different lakes
  19. You still buy gas when the prices go up. The finishes on them are second to none 100% best finish in the business and the prices are comparable to others I have probably 500 of them on the boat plus a few hundred of other brands if I could only choose one it would be flt all the way Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. I can't say enough good things about finger lakes tackle products outstanding lures Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. Cann is a great rainbow fishery lots of fun!! Can't go wrong with either place in my eyes Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  22. i leave mine on the ramp as I get everything picked up gives me the space to trim it all the way down, not sure I that will work for you or not may help. And thanks for the birthday wishes. Also mike you know I always have something pretty kicking around not just the fish in the cooler either Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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