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  1. i agree with u all ..... killem boys!!!!!!
  2. hello im an avid goose hunter that just moved to the western side of ny and i am havein a hell of a time finding hunting spots that are not water !!!!!!!! if anybody would like a new hunting budy im 27 years old and have been tought the right way to hunt !!! my name is adam. very nice pic kevin i wish that was me!!!
  3. glow in the dark cleos at night was a real hot bite last year !!!3/4 oz glow and orange green and glow and blue and glow gl bud
  4. hello to all. my name is adam i used to be part of this site last year but some how my name got taken out so im back !!! good luck to all this sporting seasons !!!!!
  5. hello everyone , i started fishing on the piers for salmon last year i had a really good season but . im afraid i missed about 2 weeks of season does any body know about when they start catching them ??????? if anybody knows exactly about what week this happends plzzzz let me know im diein to catch them again..
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