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  1. "hold a donut at eye level to a fat chick and youll loose yer arm put it at 10 ft and after a couple trys shell give up (DONT DO THIS ON A STEP LADDER). " that may be the best analogy i've ever herd about anything, not just fishing!!!!!
  2. we'll stop every now and again when we hit a nice pod and have active fish all around us. can be very fun catching em on 7"light rods with 6# test.
  3. thanks for the info tom. i saw it at the docks today and was told by a captian friend of mine (gerry bresadola)that she is a good boat. i grew up working the boats in my teens and have been thinking of getting back into it part time (its in my blood and i've never stopped fishing) but dont have the option to dump a 100 grand on a new vessel and my 17' alumacraft can only do so much . 20 is def in my range, but i have a couple others im looking at for a little less and a couple for a little more. its really going to come down to the best boat and gear for the money. i'd like to take a better look at her sometime and compare her to others i've looked at and will be looking at. thanks again for the info, greg
  4. troubles, interested in a ballpark price and a little background on the boat if you want to pm me (i cant pm yet). thx
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