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  1. 2 Traxstech clamp on planer reels 2 Traxstech planer reels 1-1/4" through 2" clamp on with covers. Used gently 2 seasons. $200.00 If intrested, pm me or text/call 315-254-6553. Greg
  2. 5 Older Cannon downriggers w/swivel bases I have 5 older Cannons Im selling. They are early 1990s white bodies with upgraded motors. Also have brass locks for all 5. Maintained by Screwy Louies in Fair Haven, last time in was 2 seasons ago. I have 2 with 5' booms, 2 with 3' booms, and 1 with 2' boom. $200 a piece or all 5 for $900. Located in the Syracuse Oswego area. If intrested, pm me or call/text 315-254-6553. Greg
  3. 2001 Alumacraft 165CS - $6500 2001 Alumacraft 165CS powered by a Yamaha 60 HP 2 stroke on a 1997 Shorelander bunk trailer. Always stored inside, less then 200 hrs. Comes with a Raytheon fish finder, 2 Cannon lake troll manual downriggers with weights, Berts single planer mast with planer board, Minnkota Powerdrive 55lb thrust trolling motor, 6 removable rod holders, 2 life vest, and anchor. Boat has always been stored inside by myself and previous owner. Always maintained and gently used. She's set up for drifting, trolling, and casting. Cruises about 25mph and tops about 35mph. She's a great boat. Only reason for selling is looking to upsize. If intrested, pm me or text/call 315-254-6553.
  4. bigbrookie

    Sold / Closed 17-19' aluminum v

    I was just reponding to the original posters post. I didn't intend to send you anything, I apologize if I did.
  5. bigbrookie

    Sold / Closed 17-19' aluminum v

    I have a 2001 Alumacraft 165sc with a 60 hp yamaha on it I'm planning on listing. Im asking $6500. I'll be talking pics and listing in the next couple days. Pm if interested and I can send pics directly to you. Greg
  6. Nick, what did you use for your dash panel? Looks very nice. I'm going to be doing mine in next couple weeks and was planning on using starboard. We're doing a complete dash upgrade, mounting 2 units in dash and reconfiguring guage cluster. Hopefully we'll have our old girls dash looking as clean as yours. Thanks in advance Greg
  7. Like Capt Andy had said,, small spro swivel will do the job. I also use an Albright knot sometimes for wire to braid, but for mono would stick to the swivels.
  8. I actually snapped off about 10 pics throughout the whole ordeal. We saw you guys hooked up and were watching the frenzy unfold. At one point I noticed it looked like you were realing the WaterWolf in and figured your fish took you into their spread. Then I started takin pics just to bust on Capt Bob and Capt Darryl a bit (very good friends of mine) when i saw them. I'll try to download them and put a couple up,,, the one when your fighting what looks to be the boat is the best one I think. On onther note, tough fishing that weekend. Only managed 7 fish in 2 days. We did do 5 the day we saw you guys tangled, but we had a good spread that had been producing for us and it did again that day,, sunday not so much. working skinny water 3-5' off bottom with hundreds of dollars of gear that can get snagged and lost, can be very frustrating and expensive if your not careful. Better to have a fish bring you into someones spread and only lose the fish and get your gear back than to misread your chartplotter and snag all your gear. saw that happen a few times that weekend also.
  9. Its a shame too about the missconduct. great vessel and the original captain the brought the boat here was one the nicest guys out there and also the guys that started me as a mate at 11 years old. can remember bringing the boat from henderson to the little salmon river on her 1st run down the lake back in about 89-90.
  10. It def not 20000 to dock at the lighthouse,, more like 2000. I gotta say allot of hate torwards the captains it seems but i wated to share what I see day in and day out as a captain/tournament fisherman. We're out on the lake, depending on the captain, 50-150 days a year and we see allot of fighting, [email protected]$ing, and just plain outright disrespect. It comes from both sides, however when I see a small boat doind dumb things I assume he or she is just green and deosnt realize their mistakes, when I see a seasoned captain do it I assume hes a d!$&. Not to say their aren't some real piece of work captians out here, but for the most part we would rather help anyone than scream, yell, and fight. Bad for business and is really just uncalled for,, we're all grown ups so we should act like it,, I can throw my hands with the best of the them but wheres that get me? 5000 in debt to my lawyer is all. I had a few boats following and pacing me the last 4 days,,, which I dont mind at all but how can i make a trun with a boat on both sides of me, or even follow and conture when fishing 73 down over 75 fow,,, very little room for error. Had to pull my lines up to 55' twice while having a little boat push me across a point while watching him snag all his gear on the bottom. I didnt't yell at him or threaten to sink his boat,, just explained to my buddy that he probably had no clue about the structer change and hopefully he remembers where thst is so it doesn't happen again. I realize not everyone has multiple 2000 electronics on their boat,, but when you see a fully rigged boat trying to push you out or even waving at you,, remeber he may be just trying to tell you about the upcoming change of depth and not all of us are trying to be [email protected]$%&^%s. I know allot of captains and even though their are a handful of [email protected]*s,, theirs still allot of great guys that will help you in any way they can. I watched a tracker catch my buddies 30 boat sat,, guy must of thought he had the loc winner. My buddy pulled his spread the guy hooked on to,,, made room on one side of his boat for the guy to come get his gear back.
  11. Bob, it really depends on the area, depth, water clarity, light conditions, and time of year. On the east end of lake o, we run allot of goby patterns in the spring/early summer, with an alwife pattern in mid/late summer. My top 3 one day could be a different 3 the next depending on the conditions. I do know Labor day weekend last year, the KIng Of Sting was the hottest lure on the boat. And, it had been hot season before bazookajoe brought it on the boat last year, so thats defintiely one your gonna want for kings.
  12. Thanks again Capt Larry. As soon as i recieve the nets I'lll let you know. And Brokeoff and Irish, I'll be in contact with you as well as soon as I get the nets and we can meet up.
  13. Sounds good. Just waiting to hear back from BrokeOff and we're set. You can send them to me and I can distribute them no problem. I believe BrokeOff lives very close to me so not a problem at all. Capt Larry, I sent a note along with the check with my order details on it. The return address and the address on the checks are good to send to. Thanks again Capt Greg
  14. i've got a buddy interested in a net so we're good to go. I'm going to take 3, 2 salmon and 1 musky. Brokeoff and Irishhammer, we just need to decide which net you guys are getting and where we want them shipped.
  15. i believe we can mix and match. i was planning on getting 1 salmon, and 1 musky. not sure which one irish wanted?
  16. i've decided to take 2 nets to try to get us to 5. so we only need 1 more.
  17. My boat is berthed in Oswego so we'll be able to make the swap easily if we cant meet up in Clayton when I'm there.
  18. i know, would of thought their would of been multiple orders. i'm shopping them to all my buddies, trying to get us to 5
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