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  1. try 15 lb seaguar fluorocarbon (or any 15-20lb fluoro) for your leader on your spoons and you'll be amazed at the difference in action from the 30 and 40lb.
  2. thx for the constant report ruff . heading out after work to try the deep.
  3. she is a beautiful vessel for sure! she was on my list and was in my final 3. i would of surveyed her in a heartbeat if my 1st choice didnt pass the survey (1st one, i never get that lucky!). someones going to get a great vessel and it sounds like someone may get a nice rock too!
  4. i been asking guys at the docks and i'm getting different answers depending on who you ask. the guy i just bought my boat from (highly respected) said he ran both 2 and 3 and thought color was more of a factor. he had green, black, blue, red, chartruse, white, and glow on most of his. i ended up tying about 30 rigs mostly with 3 beads using green, chartruse, red, white, glow, and spawn color (the beads we run in the river). i even put a docotred clear w/red nail polish spots bead on to see if manybe that works. who knows with these fish. as soon as we think we know how they think, they go and outsmart us once again! if i see a pattern in the next couple trips, or hear any secrets at the docks, i'll post em up.
  5. deaf, we fish for landlocks and some of the waters are stocked with broodstock fish and can be REDICULOUSlY big. my biggest was not measured, but was bigger than the head of my canoe paddle and quite a bit longer then the 24" cooler i had in the boat (my guess would be 29-30"). THAT WAS THE BEST FIGHT IVE EVER HAD IN A CANOE!!!!!! the best way to pick them up is to troll smaller smelt imitators at a fast speed, 2.4-3.0. we'll also troll streamers, sometimes behind a wobbler, sometimes not. all depends on conditions and times of year. this time of year they're still in deeper water, but in fall and spring they'll be in close to shore (unless thier is a river they run). i always love when we hit one of the lakes/ponds with broodstock in them. you never know when you might get the fish of a lifetime. gl, and let us know if you get one.
  6. no need to bump this one anymore troubles. i'm very proud to say that i'm the new owner of the little whip! just finishing up some details this week, but all is basically done and she will be fishing by next weekend. she'll be staying in oswego at the port marina, so stop by and say hello if you see me at the docks.
  7. wow, thats great! wonder what time they'll be there til. i gotta head up around 5, going to have to swing by and see if they're still there.
  8. sorry k, didnt see your post. thanks for that info. i wondered how that worked.
  9. its never fun taking a hook out of a piece of flesh, especialy your own! i grabbed a rainbow at the side of my canoe a few years ago and she went crazy and hooked my hand with the other treble. i was by myself in the adks with no one around. i had to grab her and get the first hook out, then cut the hook (thank god i had my Real leatherman), and push it out the other side. funtimes! altough while i was doing surgery on myself, i got to witness an osprey dive down and catch a trout. it then took it to shore where i quietly followed it in and watched it eat the fish. amazing bird! have any of you guys tried the method they show by lulling it out with fishing line? looks very effective.
  10. "Found out last week we need two new engines on the boat." really? i cant believe they won't allow a single engine boat. isn't that descrimination? that does suck though. i'm in the middle of a boat purchase that's only a single screw, and i had planned to fish all the tourneys out of it nest season. i guess i'll have to team up with others.
  11. i remember the day tony buffas boat was hit (late 80's i believe it was). i was the mate on the dixie dandy at the time and we got the call from tony a little while after it happened. i'm pretty sure they all took a hit, but his mate (paulie?) took the worst of it. scared the crap outta me for sure. momma nature needs to be respected at all times.
  12. i have an 01 classic 16.5, and like chowder mentioned, great hull. we can fish in 1-2 no problem, but any more then that she gets tossed a bit to much for comfortable fishing. gl, and someones going to get a good fishing machine.
  13. mark, i have a 17' alumacraft and can run 6 rods without issue (for the most part ), 2-3 off the 2 riggers, a copper down the chute, and 2 dipseys or 1 dipsey and a planer w/coppers on the sides . without riggers, you could do 4-5 with some rod holders set in key positions. 2 dipseys, and 3 coppers, or 2 thumpers and a copper. lots of ways to effectivly fish from your boat. this spring brown fishing we had 6 lines out and 5 fish on with 3 of us in the boat!! fun times, but complete caos also. gl
  14. you want as much bow as possible to take the slack line out. dont worry about being close to the water line. as far as the kings go, they should be setting up in the deeper thermoclines very soon, if not right now. here on the east end, we're finding them from 100-300, and they're all over the water column (as of last week) from 60-150'. once a solid thermocile sets up, the kings will follow. get a good down & speed temp, and that should make things a little easier for ya. gl
  15. i believe he's running copper if he's at 300. 10-50' from the ball is what i like, depending on time of year, depth, current, and fish agressiveness. we will run 100-125' sometimes is spring for the spooky browns. everybody is gonna be alittle different, so just take what we're all doing and tweek it to your program. gl
  16. lol. sometimes we just want to put fish in the boat. and no, they dont fight to good.
  17. great to hear all went well. i wanted to stop in for the awards ceremony, but as always, work prevented me from getting there . so who took 1st and what was the big fish?
  18. oh ya, forgot to mention to vettmen about lure choice. we fished rediculous amounts of hours using everything in our boxes always coming back to a few proven tiger catchers. our best in shallow was always blue and silver jointed rebels walked on the surface or big white buzzbaits. deeper water was always big white spinnerbaits and perch suspending rouges (any suspending should work). we also got fish on shiners, but i always liked getting slammed with the rod in my hand though and personally never really liked using shiners. gl
  19. great read zach. although i've never fished conesus, i have spent countless hours fishing otisco. i also had good fishing in the hotter part of summer in shallow weed beds. we would normally find tigers on the deeper edges on the weed beds, or on some kind of stucter in deeper water (points, rock piles, and steep drops) basically all year. however, thier was a time every year where the deeper waters would slow, and the weed beds would hold the fish. figured this out after having a very slow weekend and decided to switch to bass in the beds and bam!! 2 35"+ within an hr. managed a few more that summer in shallow and noticed the same thing the next year. havnt really fished for them regularly in about 7-8 years. you guys got me wanting to head down to otisco tomorrow and try get a wolf!!! i'm still looking for my 40+ fish from there. might have to head a little farther west and give conesus a try sometime also. gl all.
  20. joe, thier are many ways to get eyes on onieda. what jonny and salmon said are both great ways to fish the little o. my crew normally trolls the clevland bar (north shore)with planers and copper lines and have had our best couple years ever since we switched. we'll work the top of the bar in 12-14' down to the 30' mark. thier are allot of under water shoals, points, islands all over the lake that all have great walleye fishing. get a good map and you'll do fine here. our hot lure this year are perch cotton cordels in all shapes and sizes (varies depending on conditions) trolled slowly. also taken fish on harnesses and black and purple jigs tipped with worm. gl
  21. i had the exact same boat for my first (motored) boat 15 years ago. fished everywhere from the finger lakes, the big o, the st lawrence, to some remote adirondack lakes with this same year and model. great little boat for the price.
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