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  1. Does anybody know of anyone using a GARMIN Chirp GSD 26 sounder box. I'm getting no sounder signal and trying to determine if it's my transducer or the GSD 26. GARMIN has no ability to test my GSD 26 and my Ducer is a fairing block. The boat is slipped at Wrights landing and I was hoping to find someone nearby that I could swap the unit with to determine if its the sounder box or ducer. Thanks Tony
  2. Team Addiction looking for an observer for the day of August 9th. Thanks Tony email [email protected]
  3. I'm with seasquirrel on this one. I can't believe Pete is going to have MORE time to fish. It doesn't seem possible. I guess if he gets bored he can always mate for Frank or help Bobo find a liver! Tony
  4. Oswego Ny, call me if interested. Our observer had a family emergency. Thanks Tony 518 396-6752
  5. I just saw this post and can't stop laughing. I just talked to Rob and detox went great he's been sober since Monday of this week. We just installed a breakaway shorepower cord to accommodate Robs dock departures. And lastly Rob just returned all the empty beer cans that were left from him and Gray this summer and it looks like we are using the money to upgrade to a new 36 foot Tiara. And Sharky don't worry I told him to use the fish cleaning station from now on! [ Post made via iPhone ]
  6. Tom Just a thanks for a great event! We had a blast. Everything ran so fast and smooth. Can't wait till next years event. For those who couldn't make it this year, don't miss next year!! Thanks Tony
  7. Anybody looking to sell some shark weights. I'm looking for another 15# and a 20#. Hopefully near oswego. Thanks Tony cell 518 396-6752
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