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  1. THanks guys - sounds like i'll have to change my ways & resurrect the carolina rig - haven't used that since my tournament days. Fishing deep with the potential of catching something is better than getting skunked. Now, I'm the complete novice at fishing deeper than 20 ft - so I hope some of you guys in the know could help me on how do you fish a carolina rig or slip shot rig from 40-50 ft deep - do you bother to cast it out or just vertical jig it at those depths ? Thanks again - John
  2. Just got back from Clayton ... arggghhhhhhhhh Been fishing Clayton area since the early 80's - several times a year. Used to fish tournaments up there, so lets just say I'm not a novice at fishing the bays and islands for pike and largemouth - never learned to fish deep for smallies like alot of guys do nowdays. I'm old enough to remember how much better the fishing was before the clear water. So fished 5 days, covered a ton of water & the grand total consisted of 2 little smallies under a foot, no largemouth, no pike. No exaggeration - worst fishing I've seen ... EVER. I can't recall getting flat skunked ever on the river - happened almost every day. Wouldn't touch the usual money baits such as topwater, spinnerbaits of all shapes & sizes, senko's off/under docks, crankbaits, twister tail grubs. Fished all the usual weedy spots a mile or two in all directions from Clayton - from a foot to 15 ft deep. Weather was perfect first 4 days of the trip. It's been a bit colder than average last couple weeks, so it's NOT like a big nasty cold front came in right before I arrived in NY and shut the bite off like a switch - fish should have acclimated to the slightly colder temps.Just curious if anybody has an explanation for this historical lousey fishing ? I really don't know if the fish have all moved to deep water now that the zebra mussels have made the entire seaway crystal clear (I'm sure this applies for smallmouth, I just can't believe pike and largemouth have moved out of the weeds/bays to deep water); or perhaps the historic high water this spring/summer has messed up the entire ecosystem (thus, killed the bite); or has the goby infestation completely changed the food chain; or if I just need to change my ways and start fishing deeper (if thats the case, I'll take up golf - I've always hated fishing deep).I don't think I could take it if a bunch of fellas here respond that it has been the best fishing in years up on the St. Lawrence - please, for my sanity ... say it isn't so
  3. yikes ! thanks for the pic ... at least I know what to expect for labor day Clayton vacation
  4. I can offer an idea - I used to cast my own lead jig heads - always used bullet heads I pulled out of the dirt backstop at my local shooting range - if it's a short distance pistol range, there will be plenty of lead head bullets (not copper jacketed) to pick up ... plus you'll be doing the range a favor. I bet he could fill a bucket or two in an hour - and it'd be FREE ! Might just take a phone call to a local shooting range to arrange a time when no one is using the range - can't imagine they'd turn anyone down for "remediating" their range of lead waste. Just a thought ...
  5. Do you think this is a result of the recent flooding and will be temporary, or is this a permanent law now ? Imagine the bass boat guys are gonna be lighter in the pockets ...
  6. Clayton guy Back when I was a teenager, my dad had a boat in Clayton (Stl Lawrence) from the 80's through mid 90's - went up most every other weekend (lived in Binghamton / NE PA then). Back when the water was dark before the zebra mussels. Then got into tournament bass fishing and fished it more, and for the last 10 years, I make the journey up from the pocono's a couple times a year. I find the St. Lawrence dramatically tougher fishing nowdays with the clear water and goby infestation, but hey, it's still a great place to fish & we always enjoy it. Look forward to contributing to the new St. Lawrence forum ...
  7. glad to hear about this new forum - the SLR has become a tough fishery with the zebra mussels/clear water and gobey's compared to years past ... this forum may help us (or at the very least, give us some inspiration)
  8. sorry, can't be of help ... I've fished that area of the river for 35+ years (always shallow water for for bass & pike), and NEVER caught a single walleye (even by accident). I even caught a muskie by accident on a spinnerbait once. If I didn't see pics and hear there were walleye's in the SLR, I wouldn't believe it - LOL
  9. I've got a trip to Clayton planned over Labor Day ... just looking for a wild guess if water levels will be back close to normal, or if it will still likely be high (I've been out of the loop - roughly how high compared to normal is it right now ??) Many thanks JOhn
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