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  1. I prefer to seel them as a package with the down riggers. Thank you anyway.
  2. bump buyer changed his mind without even seeing them. I can't believe I haven't sold these mint condition riggers with swivel bases
  3. buyer decided it was too far to drive items still available
  4. I am looking for a used power tilt for my 1996 8 hp Merc. I believe they are the same for 8 hp thru 15 hp
  5. Thanks for the info and advice. I wear s flotation device when the boat is running and since I bought inflatable vests I have it on all the time I am in the boat, take it off when I get back to shore. I use my boat all winter in the lower Niagara River and have a cold water survival flotation suit that I wear, it keeps me warm all day and in the event of an emergency I am prepared.
  6. Red October tubes work really well. www.redoctoberbaits.com
  7. is this a combination finder and gps ? what all does it come with ?
  8. rebs

    trophy eyes

    are you talking Bay of Quinte ?
  9. is this motor an optimax ? Does it come with a prop and if so what prop ?
  10. I talked to waleye651 and he said it has been extremely slow I just got off the phone with the Harbor Master at Barcelona and he said there are 6 footers right now aned some guys did ok 3 days ago but then the big wind and waves came in. The launch office will be closed after this weekend, but you can still launch til the end of the month.
  11. and salmon as well. The Niagara River Anglers do a terrific job
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