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  1. I went out to Swifts landing for a few hours and ended up catching 4 nice small mouth bass, and a rock bass. It was very neat to see the clear water from the creek converging with the muddy water from the Erie Canal spillway. The weather was a little cool but i'm glad i caught some fish my first time out!
  2. nice footage! my family has property in bristol and the field mice are just everywhere, we see them all the time while snowmobiling. thanks for sharing. ps. excellent camera work
  3. Shallow diving crankbaits have worked amazing for me the past few years. find the ones with a fat body with a very short lip that go maybe 1-2' deep, just over the top of the weeds. worked great on sodus! great idea with the gift, sounds like he has a good season coming up!
  4. that is just terrible. my brother had three bullets whiz above is head this afternoon in bristol.
  5. very nice pics! my favorite is the skyline shot with the bedded doe. I love heavy 8's
  6. he lives a stone-throw from minerva deland jr highschool. sadly, untouchable, but fun to watch.
  7. Finally got some (poor) pictures of a beaut. whitetail running around the backyard chasing some ladies. i've seen this guy a couple of times the past week. Goodluck to you fellow arrow slingers!
  8. We just closed the family cottage on sodus this week, i was thinking about hitting the pier for awhile but i was tired. Nice catches! my brother and i fished linear park a few days ago and saw someone pull in 4 nice size kings, also saw a few fish in holes and one or two running. No hookups for us tho.
  9. yup that was me! haha, sorry about stealing your spot. I would have been absolutely fine sharing it, plenty of room! Id love to drop shot some live crayfish next time! thanks for your original post, that was my first time there! those were the biggest smallmouth i've caught from the Erie Canal.
  10. Nice pike! I fished the same spot today from 3pm-6pm using a rattletrap, chart/white spinner, jig under a float. All baits took fish! i ended up doing four nice smallmouth and a surprise walleye (so i guess i can make this post here ) i managed to take a pic or two.
  11. nice catch! i went to high school, and played hockey with Corey smith. small world.
  12. Hey guys, I have been gaining a lot of knowledge from this forum, and its users. Id like to say it has helped me and my father do much better out in lake Ontario. I finally decided to post something. My name is Scott and i normally fish out of Sodus bay, the Genesee, or the Erie canal, for pretty much all species. I prefer salmon, trout, bass, pike, carp, but i absolutely love catching anything big So hello! and thank you everyone for the tips and advice. also if anyone can help me properly ID this fish it would be great! I caught it out of Sodus on a spoon down 90' over 180' late this August. I thought it was a rainbow, but my buddy with me thought it was something else. it weighed 14lbs.
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