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  1. Nice job Mike and Matt! Keeping your crew on their toes!
  2. Looking good Mike.... Hey Marty....like the rest of us... Sick of working, time to go fishing!
  3. Although we have fished many of the other lakes this year, today was the first day out on Cayuga. Our results quickly reminded me of why I love this lake so much . Had a crew that got together from as far away as Montana for a day out on the lake. We managed to boat a ton of great lake trout, landlocks, as well as a nice rainbow and brown. Some very happy customers to say the least We started out the day near Long Point. Marked a ton of fish but only managed to get a couple of small lakers to show interest. We picked up and moved to the Sheldrake area and immediately began pounding fish. Fish came on a variety of spoons fished off 5 and 7 color lead core, 400 copper, and riggers out 50-60 feet. Slide cheaters off the riggers were on fire today. Our best fish came on white w/ green dot Spin Doctors paired with the Seneca Ghost fly (Just like DR. WES ordered!) Ran a spread of four dipsey divers and the SD's set out 240-290'. Biggest laker weighed just over 14lbs. Fish are spread out from top to bottom, over shallow water and out deep. FYI we ran into a bunch of bass fisherman who advised there is going to be a very large Bass Tournament on the lake this weekend. Looks like many of the guys will be launching out of Dean's Cove. If your heading out you may want to consider an alternate launch. Good luck luck out there
  4. My new rig no longer allows me to jig. In the past I have had excellent success with chartreuse colored Northland Tackle, "buckshot" jigs. Unfortunately you may have to purchase them on line, as the local tackle shops don't seem to stock the heavier sizes. Get the heaviest size they have. I used a 9' moderate to fast action rod and bait-cast style reel that balanced the rod well, 8-10 lb test fluorocarbon line (less stretch, and less visible). Try 95-104' of water just north of the Bluff, Penn Yan Branch. There is a very large bowl shape in the bottom. Keep a tight line and let the jig hit the bottom hard. Tap it hard off the bottom a couple of times (stirring up bottom mud), then lift it off the bottom and flutter it. Repeat as necessary. I never anchored, although some do. You must be able to maintain a perfect vertical presentation with tight line, so first light, no wind mornings are best. It is not uncommon to catch 50-60 Keuka Specials (2-4lb lakers) the first few hours of daylight. Sorry if I've ticked off some of you guys for posting this, but there are way too many small lakers in this lake. It's the only lake I fish that doesn't regularly produce large size lakers. Good luck out there. Let us know how you do.
  5. I find this post rather amusing . It appears that Pokepole39 has figured out the so called "pros", as well as all of the other guys and girls that frequent the LOU!!!! As a so called "pro", using modern techniques and technology, I also placed several of my clients on the leader board. We so called "pros", and those who enjoy this site, have not lost sight of what fishing is all about. As a middle aged "pro", I CONTINUE TO LEARN from the young guy's and the old timers. As "pros", we do not concern ourselves with showing our clients the "secret spot", the "secret lure or bait", or the "secret technique". In contrast, we show and share all of this information daily For the "pros", fishing is about consistently putting fish in the boat(hogs or dink's), and smiles on the faces of our clients. As a "pro", I had a memorable weekend on the water, putting smiles on the faces of my clients, friends, and family. I shared information, and received information. At one point, one of my clients said "you bring this one in". My response, "take the rod"!!! This particular client had a recent bout with cancer. He and his buddies charter was on my tab. The moral of that is its not about the money either! It is apparent that you have lost focus on what fishing is all about Based on your own thoughts and words, (QUOTE: "Well after a 1200 mile trip and only 3 days of pre fishing of which one was a SKUNK all went well for the derby", and "We didnt boat 30 or 40 fish a day like some run their mouths about on this site"), perhaps a few words of advise to get you back on track...... "Be patient and calm - for no one can catch fish in anger." - Herbert Hoover Congrats on your winning finish...and I mean that sincerly
  6. Going on three years I suppose I'm past due for a few dings! With my luck I'll get stuck in the mud.
  7. I'm in. Open it up to all interested boats. As long as observers are drawn randomly I will definitely pay the entry fee and fish this one.
  8. Is she still for sale. I have a good friend of mine that is interested. Thanks
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