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  1. this boat is clean and well cared for,always fishing ,niceset up, going to miss u at the dock,good luck bob,
  2. we went to tug hill no hares,but seen 5 bald egales,man nice bird
  3. thanks we hunt cottontails all the time trying something new good for the dogs,plus being retired we have the time,
  4. going tug hill tomorrow,were do I start out,thank you,snow shoes
  5. dis 4 today dogs had a ball nice long runs,good friends ,just a great day
  6. how long have you been doing this for,and any change to the small game,it may take time,keep going,
  7. give me lite wind,cloudy,fresh snow and that my friends is bunny fun,
  8. nice day ran 2 gave them a pass,perfect weather,no wind,u could hear the dogs,man it is great to be retired,my dogs have never been happier,
  9. a good stud helps,but time is the key
  10. I am lucky,walk in my back yard,and run rabbits, try to run,a couple,but than days when bunnys r not ,but great fun for a new hunter,to learn about hunting bunnys,that is the only time I harvest a few,
  11. you have it all covered,know birds,and bunnys
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