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  1. And our newest sponsor is.................WHI is very pleased to have Fat Nancys Tackle and Fly Shop join our quest this May! Thank you for your support!
  2. Vin it could be the soon to be announced 20k for first place? With closed com they actually have a shot! Its a beautiful thing! Wait till these monsters rip their gear apart!
  3. More Anouncements! In our quest to change the scope of things here we are pleased to announce our newest sponsor.........Walker/Maximus/Quigley Ford will be joining our team. For those who dont know Walker is a company that continues to reinvent itself offering up dowriggers, rods, a revolutionary level wind reel, the deeper diver now the Trip z diver and crosses the great divide manufacturing a line of crossbows and long range scopes through their Maximus and Quigley Ford lines. Its nice to see a familiar company change seasons with the rest of us! Wecome aboard!
  4. Well you really have to love it. Its Feb and the Wilson Harbor Invitational is close very close to another milestone. We are so very close to filling our field less than 10 spots left for anyone planning to fish this event. That means we are also less than 10 spots away from a guaranteed 20k for first? 35k over the top 3? It will be interesting to see who claims the few remaining slots. I really have to thank everyone to this point for even getting us this far the commitee, anglers, and sponsors have been nothing short of amazing in shaping what will surely be one to remember. Its amazing to see the players coming out of the woodwork to offer support, and they keep coming. Thanks everyone and keep up the good work! Cant wait till May!
  5. WHI is very pleased to announce the addition of Warrior Lures and Stedman Nurseries to our sponsor family. We are honored to have you onboard!
  6. Please keep in mind Im trying too bring folks together in the end it is each teams responsibility.
  7. as many as you need there will be a mailer going out where you can indicate this information. Standard dock fees run $1.50 per foot per day but monthly rates are available normally.
  8. All teams must supply their own observer for the tournament. If anyone is interested in becoming one its an excellant chance to learn the ins and outs of Salmon Trolling. There are some great rides out there leave your name and number here and check back often! And hey we even have some great prizes for you guys too! Its coming quick time to get planning!
  9. All dockage for the tournament will be reserved by the tournament either at Sunset Bay or The Wilson Boatyard. There will be no need for anyone to make reservations unless you are indeed there for the month of May. All dockage otherwise must be paid in full prior to the Capatins Meeting on Friday. Hope this helps.....
  10. You two are unbelievable one track minds I tell you! Hey Vince and Tom if you we're a 30 pound salmon hanging out with some 25 pound friends where would you be swimming in february? Lol im glad its on everyones mind between that and versus on sat it sure feels warmer already. As I keep thinking the possibilities are really endless? For me its like waiting for my son to open his christmas present. The suspense is killing me. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  11. WHI is pleased to announce Scotty Downriggers as our newest sponsor! Thank you for your support.
  12. I got that part. Jerky is how some misspronounce my name I was making a funny. You are correct however, A Beef Jerky Sponsor will be joining us shortly stay tuned..........
  13. Vince I hope your not making fun of my last name? Anyway...........we are very close to a few things 1) A full field, there are very few spots available we are in the final turn so if you arn't in and you want to be well get us your RSVP now this aint NASCAR and there are no team owner points. 2) A $20,000 first place payout, with a full field It is looking as if 35k over the top 3 spots is possible. 3) A payout to 10th place, A generous donor (to be named shortly) has stepped forward to sponsor 8th, 9th, and 10th place. When the I's are dotted and the T's crossed you will know too. 4) More sponsor announcements, they are coming fast and furious and they are as excited as we are with all the possiblilities. 5)Banquet menu, Shelly has an amazing fiest planned for you it will EXCEED any expectation you could have trust me! As I keep saying the response has been great so far. Its great to see so many speak with such enthusiasm with the season still so far away. Once the tournament is full the names of those fishing will be posted on our websites results page. All will be notified via e-mail of the information from you that will be needed and a download center will be available to you. The goal here is to know most of what will be going on before you even leave much like a Hotel Reservation. A survey for each Angler as well as a dinner count for your team will be needed in the short term. All dockage will be handled by the Boatyard EVERYONE will check in with us regardless of prior arrangements. All those with seasonal dockage prearranged for the month MUST disclose where, dock number, and length of stay. Sit tight more information is coming soon you will be prompted as the moment arises. I do need E-mails for the following people as Ive gotten several back. Al Van Dusen, Howard Nola, and Dave Hoffman
  14. WHI is pleased to announce our newest sponsor! Thank you Torpedo Divers/Cuda Sinkers for your support!
  15. PAYOUT UPDATE 1st) $16000 2nd) $8000 3rd) $3600 4th) $3600 5th) $3600 6th) $1850 7th) $1850
  16. No need to bash at all.... thinking outside the box is what all this is about. Not that anything is happening that hasnt been done..............yet. As ive said from day one we are what the others arnt period. This tournament is and will continue to be for the masses there is always room for change as long as it makes sense. This tournament basically belongs to the anglers that fish it, aside from personal preferences when change is needed the constituants will speak. The Elite part comes from being wide open and the heavy thinking begins with left or right? From fishing the Scotty then KOTL it really is anyones game. Weve seen the littlest of boats with the greenest of anglers fish the short water to a win. Weve seen many of the same teams defy odds to remain in command over time. Do you sift through numbers to find the big ones? or do you simply hunt the giants with a big fish program? Bottom line 6 fish 6 rods one day and the best fishing in all the Great Lakes. I think the outcome is anyones guess. Im excited for the possibilities as the response so far has been nothing short of amazing! Keep the feed back coming as its driving this committee to exceed your expectations come on May!
  17. All teams will receive confirmation prior to next weeks drawing. Once the field is full all teams will be listed on our results page. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  18. Wilson Harbor Invitational is proud to announce a minimum guaranteed payout of over $35,000 in CASH! 1st $14,000 2nd $7000 3RD $3500 4th $3500 5th $3500 6th $1750 7th $1750 We will be adjusting the prize structure accordingly as additional entries are recieved. The response thus far has been amazing and we look forward to hearing from the rest of you soon. We are also currently shoring up the dinner menu with Shelly, What a meal she has planned for you!
  19. Wilson Harbor Invitational is proud to announce a minimum guaranteed payout of over $35,000 in CASH! 1st $14,000 2nd $7000 3RD $3500 4th $3500 5th $3500 6th $1750 7th $1750 We will be adjusting the prize structure accordingly as additional entries are recieved. The response thus far has been amazing and we look forward to hearing from the rest of you soon. We are also currently shoring up the dinner menu with Shelly, What a meal she has planned for you!
  20. The Wilson Harbor Invitational is proud to announce our partnership with the Food Bank of WNY and Holiday Ice. This years participants in the Wilson Harbor Invitational are encouraged to donate their catch to help feed those who need it most. All unwanted fish caught in this years tournament may be donated to the WHI and the Food Bank of WNY. Following Saturdays main event there will be volunteers available to process your catch and package accordingly. Holiday Ice will be providing each boat with ice to help keep your catch fresh free of charge. This is a terrific way for you the angler to give to a worthy cause. Feel free to contact us if you maybe interested in assisting us in this process.
  21. The x5 is coming. We should have it by late spring from what im told although similar to the old sport pilot its not even in the same ballpark with regard to responce. Regarding the furuno pilot ( we sell those too) you can't make a direct comparison between a sport pilot and a hydraulic pilot even from a steering standpoint the latter is waaaaay better. In fact its a pretty resonable option to switch your vessel over. Whatever you guys need give me a call 7168631001 Kevin [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  22. At the Toronto Boat Show today and tomorrow. Stop by the CMC/Raymarine booth and say hi. For those Canadian teams fishing the KOTL series this year I have invites with me as our tournament is mandatory for the overall. Still further if you have yet to get deposits in the deadline is looming. Dont mail it stop by in person! More to come!
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