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  1. We run $16 a foot at the boatyard [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  2. A novel idea and one ivan with a y and I spoke on a while back. To show consistantcy from series to series IMO would crown the true BIG BOY and like pete said it may encourage some ams to move up. It also adds a new dimention to the same old same old. The best part is we do so without killing more fish and adding a day or another weigh in to the process. I think its OK to like each series for what it is. Finally real stratagy might be required. To be honest there have been very few people that consistantly do well from series to series however there are plenty who have it figured out if each series were to stand alone. Contrary to popular belief as I have fielded the comments and questions skill is the determining factor given the number of fish and the species allowed for each tourny. Bottom line the more fish you put in the boat the better chance for a win. The best part of the whole thing is simply it all happens in a 25 mile stretch of the shoreline at the best possible time. Everyone is already here and the chance for success is high. IMO the Big Boy Triple crown is a fantastic idea and at the very least bring our brothers from the north down us up and give everyone a reason to fish each event. In other words stimulate growth in the sport. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  3. The Raymarine A series units have both chartplotting and fishfinding capibilites Rebates of $150, $350, and $500 start Friday call me for a price all 500 watts RMS 716-863-1001
  4. Here we are approaching 11000 views! A milestone for sure! Im happy to be bringing you our 33rd and 34th sponsor as well. Thrilled to announce both Moonshine Lures and Goetz Energy will be joining us this season. One a producer of quality glow in the dark blades the other providing us the very fuel you will burning during the WHI! And yes there are still more to come please standby! Emails will be going out tomorrow concerning Dinner tickets, shirts and a survey. Please note the captain or organizer should take care of the shirts and dinner the survey is REQUIRED FOR ALL ANGLERS SO PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR TEAMMATES. This is very important feedback for our sponsors to help ensure next season is better yet! On tee shirts if possible email me with number and sizes with such a large run I have a deadline this week for the first order.
  5. I have the ducer for you give me a call 716-863-1001
  6. Np Pete, with any luck the KOTL players are watching this board. There are several I've yet to get deposits from. I want everyone in but everyone has to put in the effort. Its funny each year guys complain about the tournaments being last minute this year were 4 months early and were waiting. I picture some last minute driving on Friday to get things done then were on to the next deadline. Lol [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  7. You guys are kidding yourself to think an in hull will even be close to a thruhull. In most cases your only talking about 4 to 600 watts anyway. You certainly don't want to use up your gain just to get through the hull. With the new tilted element ducers they sit flat lettuce maybe an eighth and requre no fairing block to install. If your a serious or even want to be serious angler leave the in hull ducer alone. Not to mention all the jargon with cored hulls and what not. We have what you need for any ff for $239. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  8. Fantastic keep in mind even though you are in the overall deposits for the WHI must be received by April first at noon. No pay no play. Invites have been in circulation for over 4 months so please don't make me be the bad guy. Notify Yvan your in contact me 716-863-1001 check in mailbox po box 441 gasport ny 14067 make it out to wilsonboatyard. Please be aware of remaining deadlines as there are no exceptions. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  9. Well I have to side with Vince on this one I see way too many of you for way to long every spring to think any other way. Dave just cause you win a Pro Am at the Oak doesnt mean they get your vote? Just kidding in all seriousness we are lacking in hotels BUT if you have a big enough boat would you give up the amenities down West? I think not! Bars, resturants,entertainment,(ie casino, gentlemens clubs, theme parks,bands) and then you get to the fishing. Now were talking KINGS all year, the spring Browns all but forgotten due to the um KINGS, the cohos move in come June, then more Browns off the red barn come July, Then more KINGS and everybodys bread and butter some summer steel if your up to it. I cant believe im saying this but even the Lake Trout are available most days. June was always a slow month and a welcome break after a busy May but the last several years we cant buy a lull in the action. Most days 8 miles might be round trip! The best port isnt always where all the fishermen are except during April, May and June. I dare you guys to even try to stay home! In all seriousness Oswego and the Oak are legendary from a charter standpoint, both closer to that almighty dollar of New England and NYC. Both have HUGE runs of BIG KINGS but all travel time aside you wear your heart on your sleeve and I see it there as you pull out and head for home. The last thing out of your mouth is save me my spot for next year right? As sure as the seasons change come hell or high water the Western Basin proves itself to be #1. We are however running out of dockspace thanks to the blow boaters?????? So dont even think of staying longer!
  10. Well you forgot one. Wilson Boatyard is a ethenol free Valvetect marine fuel station. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  11. Yet another sponsor announcement and one we are excited about! Traxstech will be joining us this season as a major contributor to our WHI initiative. Traxstech has agreed to Sponsor the main events BIG FISH PRIZE. The largest fish caught during Saturdays main event will bring home two fully adjustable 3 unit bird trees. Other prizes will be available at the banquet as well including fully adjustable replacement rod holders for your Scotty downriggers.
  12. More to announce! This week forms will be going out for advance orders on our OFFICIAL WHI Tournament Tee Shirt. These will be of very high quality similar to a Guy Harvey weight. Obviously with the excessive costs of running a tournament of this magnatude we are hoping to have an order placed ahead of time and allow for the shirts to be waiting here for your pick up. Obviously size matters so the idea isnt to have a ton of the wrong size shirt floating around. The back is pictured here the front will have our logo on the left breast area. Additionally several of our sponsors will enjoy the realistate below the graphics on the back of the shirt. Prices will be $20 for short $25 for long. There will be a very small number of shirts available at the actual event priced $5 higher. This will also be a limited edition shirt as next years design will change. Let us know what you think!
  13. Well things keep getting better. A couple more sponsors to introduce. Two more that we are very excited to introduce............Poly Planar Marine Audio Systems something for everyone here since everyone loves their tunes. Box speakers, amps, subwoofers, and the answer to IPOD and Smart Phone intigration with the MRD80i. Secondly Ocean LED will be joining us as well. Lighting for both above and below the water Ocean is leading the way in low battery consumpton super bright LED lighting. These have been for me one of the more enjoyable add ons to my vessel. The marine life is crazy and watching perch feist on minnows under the boat never gets old. Special thanks to both companies for joining our inland BIG WATER coalition. Still further im happy to report a number of our sponsors will have reps in attendance. Its good to see them come out for our event and it certainly shows the interest were getting! Those so far planning to attend Warrior Lures Raymarine Navionics Ocean LED Traxstech Scotty Cannon ATOMMIK (as if you could keep him away) Great Lakes Tackle Shop Walker
  14. Actually Vince Thank You for all your hard work in landing Okuma. Persistance pays off and the credit goes to you. Actually the credit goes to everyone. Its nice to see so many anglers take an ownership in this at the end of the day if we all protect it and like Vince look for ways to lift it above the rest it becomes bigger and better than we could hope for. Lots of praise so far for an event that has yet to happen, a common thread that brings us all as anglers together again. Its great to see the energy focused on having fun once again rather than plotting and deception. That not to say we will be without growing pains, the Olive Branch goes out to all that want to get involved. That said I feel the need to discuss the sovernty (sp) of the event. This is ment to be classy, disorder, misconduct, and ignorance of the rules will not be tolerated. This will be dealt with team by team not individually. Im looking forward to the event myself and im dissapointed not to be fishing. Everyone knows I love it as much as anyone. More info is on itys way. [ Post made via Mobile Device ] [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  15. In edition to all the media outlets we currently use feel free to follow our blog at http://www.whi.tumblr.com for up to date info on the tournament, sponsors, and contestants. Thanks, WHI
  16. Well its been a little while since we updated but things will once again start to move swiftly. For starters its time to finalize those teams. In the very near future each Captain will recieve a link that should be forwarded printed etc for all team members. It will contain a sheet to register your team for dinner (how many are coming). An angler survey (this helps us identify the gear your using) and an orderform for your limited edition tee shirts that will be available in short and long sleeve. A responce all all the material is mandatory and will trim our paperwork down to just a signature once you get here.
  17. You can also lower prices without buying another load. You have to replace what you sell and 14000 gallons at $4 is crazy money. You sell for replacement cost so you don't loose your shorts. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  18. I have the x5 coming in by the end of the month. There are a limited number however as they are back ordered and many are earmarked as replacements. I have 10 pm me for details. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  19. Well I'm not so sure a thank is warrented thanks SHOULD go out to the anglers that have come out to play and the generous sponsors such as yourself. There are many that make this possible and everyone involved including those fishing should stay on top of things and protect it. Above all I'm looking forward to seeing everyone together having a drink sharing a bite just as it should be........as friends. I'm excited and I'm not even fishing! Shade comm is open friday but why would anyone? Make it yours Sat earn it and enjoy all that comes. Thanks to all info will be coming soon. In planning for the banquet be advised space is limited and this isn't a y'all come event and will be limited to those involved in the tournament. Obviously 4 tickets are included but for those that have additional team members or a spouse extra tickets will be $35 and well worth it! [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  20. Well Congratulations to all the teams registered to fish the FIRST Annual Wilson Harbor Invitational! As of this evening we will not be accepting any more entries. The ONLY exception would be boats fishing the overall in the KOTL series (there will be a deadline however). If of course an opening becomes available it will be posted here. Currently there are 65 teams registered and we expect upwards of 70 or so. The final payouts will be as follows........... 1st 20000 2nd 10000 3rd 5000 4th 3500 5th 3000 6th 2000 7th 1500 8th 1000 9th 1000 10th 1000 More information to follow via e-mail and once again its an honor to have you all aboard!
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