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  1. Well said Vince. After talking about it for sometime its an awesome day that so many can come together and find common ground on what has been a controversial topic for many years. Henry Ford said "coming together is a begining keeping together is progress working together is success". I hope this leads to a bigger,better and more productive future for tournament fishing on Lady O. Thanks for all the hard work! Copied from Facebook link to Facebook here The Lake Ontario Championship Series - The Quest for the Cup........ Rules for participating tournaments Must be a "no com" or "non com" tournament. There will be no communication permitted of any kind during tournament hours. Must utilize observers during tournament hours. Placement can be random or by tournament officials. Must commit to sponsor or establish a plan to provide $1000 toward the Lake Ontario Championship Series purse. Newer events can be granted a grace period or accept smaller contributions based on entry fees or the size of the field in any event. Rules for teams entering the "Cup Chase" The winning Captain/team will be will be determined by adding their top 4 individual days of fishing. Each team must participate in at least 3 lake wide events. At least one score from a minimum of 3 events must be counted to qualify. Due to the logistics of ports and the emphasis on holding a "lakewide cup" one event west of Sodus must be one of three fished. In an effort to retain the integrity of "team", the maximum number of vessels used in the Lake Ontario Championship Series is 2. Should one of the 2 vessels incur a breakdown, the tournament committee can approve a replacement vessel. In an effort to retain the integrity of "team", to have an event eligible for scoring consideration the team must have the Captain and his owned vessel in the event, or three team members from prior tournaments entered the same season. These three team members may use the alternate or 2nd vessel. Entry fee for team participation is to be $100. The cutoff for entry will be the Captains meeting at the Oak Orchard Open. Payouts are to be 50%/30%/20% awarded to the top three teams from a purse consisting of sponsor money and all entry fees. Individual scoring will be based on the full field using the reverse countdown method starting with first place at 200pts. Bonus points will be awarded for placings of a FINAL finish in each tournament 1st through 5th,1pt for 5th place up to 5pts for 1st. In the event of a tie the tiebreakers will consist of the following. 1- Highest overall finish in head to head competition. 2nd - would be the lowest total overall score by adding their 3 best overall finishes. Scoring Recap Each team uses their best 4 individual days while fishing at least 3 different events. At least one score from a minimum of 3 different events must be used. Any team fishing more than 3 events increases their chances of winning by dropping their lowest scores.
  2. Please visit our blog here.. http://www.tumblr.com/blog/whi
  3. Awesome job! Its nice to see people coming together and thinking outside the box. Strategy is always welcome and has been missed. Whats cool is to see each event play to their strengths to pull together a unique format. 2014 is shaping up to be an exciting tournament season. Let us know where we can lend a hand.<br /> <br /> Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app<br /> <br />
  4. Wouldn't bet on it. Haven't heard from the boys yet I'm sure they might have something to say. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. More than happy to lend our scales out. Easy to use and spot on. We have lots of money vested for one week a year! Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Keep in mind..... Registrations are beginning to trickle in. Please remember everything can be done online this year at www.wilsonharborinvitational.com just click on the links and check your email for further instructions. When registering for the WHI you will receive a password to access your checkout. If you would like to register via regular mail please register online and mail a check to Wilson Boatyard PO BOX 441 Gasport NY 14067. Please remember the last day for early bird entries are Wilson Harbor Invitational - Jan 21st 2014 Drawing for $1000 Wilson Harbor Salmon Slam - May 3rd 2014 for your chance at weekly drawings for manufacturers prizes AND a drawing for $300 Wilson Harbor 1 K a Day - May 3rd 2014 for your chance at weekly drawings for manufacturers prizes AND your ability to collect on the second biggest fish each of the 7 days! Dont forget to like us on Facebook!
  7. Invites are in the mail!!! Different from last year all registration and payments are made online. If you would rather send a check please contact us at [email protected] If you fished the event last year feel free to register now as your invite is only a day away. www.wilsonharborinvitational.com Be advised there are more invites in the mail than we have spots available! Also the deadline for the early bird drawing is Jan 21st 2014 only teams with deposits by then will be eligible for the $1000 prize. If your spending the week with us don't forget to sign up for the Salmon Slam and the 1 K a Day!
  8. Please be advised our website is being updated our correct phone number is ******* 716-863-1001 the one listed goes to a flower shop
  9. 1st-Bladerunner 2nd-Breakaway 3rd-Screamer 4th-Bigcat 5th-Flatout 6th-Lonewolf 7th-Rock-n-reel 8th-The Day Goes 9th-Primetime 10th-Lord of the Kings 11th-Bad Ju Ju 12th-Oh Baby 13th-Cold Steel 14th- 5 More Minutes 15th-Striker More to follow.....
  10. Guys wiring dowriggers is an artform. If done incorrectly you could end up with a fire or at least a ball of melted wire. A fuse within 12 inches of the battery and 8 guage wire a minimum. Remember in a DC circuit you double the lenghth when calculating voltage drop. Most riggers can pull up to 30 amps when using heavier balls. At any rate there are many ways to wire them up but I would always recommend the heaviest terminals as most of the crimp on styles accept in very short runs wont allow you enough surface area and will choke the power off to your rigger. When the boat is wired correctly it wont matter which engine is running or how many batteries you have you should have all the power you need.
  11. Well it wont be long now! So much has been happening as we continune to wecome back sponsors from last year. Once again they are an integeral part of our team as this event could never get off the ground with out their continued support. In the following weeks we will be releasing this seasons Tee shirt design as well as the menu for our Banquet. Once again extra tickets will be $35 per person. It is highly recommended that these are pre purchased. We will get an email out shortly describing how to make that happen. It looks as if the Raymarine mobile showroom will be joining us this year as well. If you havent seen it imagine 35 feet of the lastest in gear ready for your finger prints and button pushes. That said please contact me for a great oppertunity to become a demo boat and get a great deal on some new equipment. We also await the arrival of a new stage trailer that will be packed full of gear to play with. More information on this is coming soon.
  12. Its refreshing that we are all taking a second look into moving from what is traditional and into what is innovative. I commend everyone involved for being bold enough to at least consider "there may be a better way". As things do change for the better remember to gather the facts and give it a chance. With so many teams being so competitive these days tournament fishing is evolving before our eyes and how lucky we are to live it, feel it, and lead the way.
  13. Keep up to date on any news from the Wilson harbor Invitational staff at these sites below: Our Website - http://www.wilsonharborinvitational.com/ Our Blog - http://whi.tumblr.com/ Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wilson-Harbor-Invitational/177551115593344 Twitter - https://twitter.com/#!/WilsonHarbor
  14. As Rick mentioned Invites have gone out if you fished last year and didnt get one call me 716-863-1001. Due to a handful of questions so far these invites were issued to the Captain of each team. The Captain can change teams and change boats but cannot forward his invites for anothers use. If you didnt fish last season or are simply branching off and starting your own team and would like to participate please contact me. As Rick mentioned and many of you see already we are Happy to have Great Lakes Tackle Shop back with us again this season. In fact most will be back with a few new ones joining us shortly. If you have any questions or would like to get involved feel free to contact us!
  15. Its time to begin planning "officially" for Wilson Harbor Invitational 2012. As stated before May 12th is the Date. After careful consideration and plenty of conversations with many of last years participants there will be a few changes. 1.We will rid ourselves of the Big Fish Friday event. The prize structure will instead be moved to Saturday and pay down 4 places. Each teams largest fish will be identified and weighed seperate. This will allow each team to hold all their cards rather than show their hand so to speak. This will ensure each and every team is using the same playbook on Sat......the way it should be. A-Tom-Mik will once again show us the love by sponsoring this portion of this years event. 2. Entry fee will be raised to $1000. After reading the posts and understanding our poll it seems most were upset if the extra cash were to support the Friday event. It seemed making Friday bigger at the cost of the angler was the fly in the ointment. We hear you. This translates to only $40 to $50 more per angler. The up side is however huge, a $25k first place and payouts to 15th place. Invites for this years tournament will be mailed soon based on last years participation according to Captain and Vessel. As we have already received many requests, for those who didn't participate last year or for those who did but perhaps have their own team this season please submit your request by mail we can then add you to the list. Wilson Harbor Invitational PO Box 441 Gasport, NY 14067 This will allow us to have all your info at our finger tips hard copy. Feel free to give us a heads up electronically. Please contact us at 716-863-1001 or [email protected] with any questions or concerns.
  16. Well, Ive heard the arguement for the 2 day format. I will say at this time that it will remain one day. The idea is to take the human component out of it. I wont say never but it was fun last year and over all well recieved. I will say that we are attempting to add a bit$ to the Friday event so that there is yet more chances to win. We however dont want to overshadow the main event or use each days score collectively at this time. How bout a Grand Slam Friday best Brown, Lake tout, and Salmon. Something to add some strategy! Of course we can put some cash there too. Overall it would be great to add to the payout every year. Where else can such a small handfull of guys have a shot at 25k? Looking forward to your comments more soon!
  17. Raytheon open array radar model 41xx with 10 inch CRT works well $600 or best offer 716-863-1001
  18. Special thanks to all. Sponsors,crew and anglers. Lots of work but to see what unfolded its clear it was all worth it. Now its on to planning for next year and I cant help but to wonder who will be back next year? And what other surprises might we come up with? Thanks again to all this is your tournament and im excited to think of the possibilities that lie ahead..... Kevin
  19. You would have to be more spacific as to what you are seeing or not seeing. Keep in mind at speed much of what you are looking for will likly be a flash in the pan unless you stumble over the mother load of bait. If the picture seems very busy than its possible it may be ducer placement. The tilted element is great for not producing large amounts of cavitation however mounted too far forward on the vessel or near a through hull fitting may produce these results. Next time out get me a shot of your ducer placement. Also with a blank compact flash card in the machine stop your scroll while running. Press and hold the data key on your machine. This should capture and store a jpg image on the card that you can post here. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  20. All dockage goes through the boatyard except for the guys that are seasonal or monthly at sunset I will be arranging for dockage and all dockage will be paid through the boatyard. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  21. First off Im sorry for not posting as of late however there is lots to do. Angler surveys are coming in Tee shirt orders are brisk and we have 2 more sponsors to introduce. Here are two that belong in everyones boat and we are thrilled to have them on board. We are pleased to introduce Protroll and Damn Good Foods to the family. The first needs no introduction at all and the latter makers of some Damn Good Beef Jerky. What a novel idea right? Please remember due dates are looming so please mail in your info!
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