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  1. Selling my Sylvan Offshore and all of my gear. Have gone through the boat and upgraded it extensively over the past two years. I have okuma rods and reels, spoons, releases and two penn downriggers. Boat will be ready to go, it has been a great boat to get into the sport with. It trailers easy and is great on gas. 120 merc outboard sips gas and throttles down well, has trolling plate as well. Comfortable to fish out of. Asking $3500, can come up with a reasonable price on the gear. My name is Dan and my number is 585 773 8338. Located in Charlotte NY.
  2. I have zero time for fishing anymore, have quality gear for sale. Will list with pics. Make me an offer, do not lowball however I can afford to keep it as well. Lowrance Elite 4 Sonar 3 Fenwick Med Light 28" rods with Pfleuger Trion 5 ball bearing reels 1 Wicked 28" rod with Wicked Reel Eskimo 33cc 8 inch power auger used 1 season New Clam Nanook 2 man shanty used 1 season 2 jaw jacker auto hook setter traps My name is Dan. 5857738338 If you are looking to get into the sport this is high end gear going at a very reasonable price. Call or text
  3. My boat is still for sale. Won't keep posting if it won't sell.
  4. My Lake O trolling rig is for sale. Upgrading in the spring. Asking $3500. Has run well all summer. 120hp Mercruiser is really good on gas. We have only used it for trolling Lake O. My name is Dan. Can text pictures. 5857738338
  5. The DEC in their infinite wisdom drained that pond and killed every last fish in it, to promote "wetland vegetation growth" a few years ago. So I really doubt there is much of anything in there. There is also a drain that empties back into the lake. I would imagine that everything makes its way back to the lake. And there is an eagles nest back there that you cannot go near, I would leave it alone.
  6. As mentioned, Conesus is NOT the quality pike fishery that was hinted at. Looking at my log, 23 trips on the hardwater last season, with premier bait (huge golden shiners and sucker chubs, which I traveled FAR to aquire) and professional-level equipment and tactics produced a total of 15 pike for me last season. Of those 15 fish, there was one fish over 40 inches. My average size was 34 inches. This is my personal stupid fish theory but as one of the more experienced Conesus fisherman, I dare say that this is no longer one of the premier pike fisheries in the state. I see a huge problem with the harvest on this like of the 24-36 inch northern. We need to impose a slot limit and see if that makes a difference. Thank you very much to the more experienced fisherman who have pointed this out in this thread, I have been sick about this.
  7. So I'm new to Lake Ontario fishing. Always was a finger lakes guy, but I moved to Charlotte a year ago and bought a boat to go out and target trout and salmon. Had a pretty good first season trolling, still learning though. So now that I have the trout/salmon sort of figured out, I would like to start going out and targeting walleye and pike. I'm just wondering if there is any kind of structure out of Charlotte or I Bay that they will hold at, or if there are even any kind of numbers of fish that hold out there. It's very intriguing to me. Just wondering if I am wasting my time or not. Not looking for GPS positions, just some general information on how/where and what time to target them. I have a 20 foot sylvan with 2 electric downriggers and 2 rod holders. If anyone has any info, or would like to join me for a trip and teach me, I would be more than up for it. No gas money necessary. Or if you just have some pointers I would appreciate those as well. Look forward to hearing from some of you guys.
  8. Is that Buddy Jesus on your sweatshirt?! Hahahaha
  9. Nice meeting you at the launch this afternoon Double D. I've never seen fog like that before either. We fished 730-330 with only a 14 pound laker, a small rainbow and a small brown. It was a nice day out though with my dad, hopefully in the morning we can find some kings.
  10. Hello all, have been watching the boards for some time. Bought my first boat a 20' sylvan offshore and finally have it rigged for trolling. Have only been out 4 times so far and am amazed and intrigued every trip out. Amazing how much better the big pond is compared to the Finger Lakes. But at least I learned how to run downriggers and dipsys out there. I live one mile from Charlotte beach so I will be fishing almost exclusively out of there. Very much appreciate all of the information that guys give and will look to contribute my own. Also very greatful this forum exists. THanks
  11. I was just pondering this today, and my curiosity brought me here. Some answers here I guess. Another thing I was wondering was are there any pike to be had out in the lake in this area, specifically any structure near Charlotte pier or out of I Bay to target them? I'm new to Great Lakes trolling.
  12. I got it on an 25 + year old silver hammered old sutton that was my dad's. Down 80 feet off the rigger over 100 fow. We were estranged and he passed away a few years ago when I was 27. Going through his spoons and trolling stuff is like trying to uncover some forgotten past. Wish he was still around to teach me how this stuff works.
  13. New here, new to trolling as well. After 5 trips this season, getting my gear and presentation figured out, my time finally started paying off. Last Friday I got an 8lb brown and a 6lb laker. Went back out Tuesday 6/4, and caught this pigger, just a **** hair shy of 13lbs so I've been rounding up. That fish fought like a bulldog 70-80 feet down. Wrapped 2 lines barely landed him. Also got my first rainbow that day , 7 1/2 pounds. This is a great site, lots of information. Looking forward to learning all I can about trolling. * Sorry about the sideways pic, can't figure out how to rotate it.
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