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  1. Headed out Saturday evening with some friends.  I have been drooling 🤤 all summer to get a window of opportunity to go.  We fished from 8pm to 11 pm and managed some nice specimens.  The big one tipped at 11 lbs 6 oz and was delivered to the taxidermist.  It was his biggest to date and he doesn’t get to do it very often so it a fish to reflect on every time he looks at it on the wall.  We will be back on the hunt again this weekend.  






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  2. I have an EZ steer set up for sale.  The lot consists of an I/O adapter, kicker motor bracket and the main motor bracket with the steering bar.  The kicker motor bracket could use some repair but worked when the band was tightened.  

    Prefer not to ship but buyer can pay shipping.  The PM's are still not working right so please contact via iPhone.  Please contact via call or text (315) eight 0 four-4 five 0 two. 



  3. For Sale:   I have 4 Cannon Mag 10 TS(Tournament Series Stainless Steel) Down-riggers fully equipped and ready to fish. (Retail for $850.00 each)

    Accessories Included: 

    Spare circuit board new in package ($100 retail value)

    Battery to connector power cables (4 each @ $25.00 retail value each and one additional spare) $125.00 value

    Cannon Dual Forward and Rear rod holders and 2 spare rear posts to make the single a double ($55.00 retail value each) $220.00 plus value 

    Cannon Ball Retrievers (4 each @$20.00 retail value), $80.00 value

    Cannon Down-rigger Mounting Bases (4 each @ retail value $35.00), $140.00 value

    Cannon Cannon Low Profile Swivel Bases (4 each @ retail value $100.00) $400.00 value

    Cannon Covers (4 each @ $20.00 retail value) $80.00 value

    Cannon 9" Gimbal Mounts (4 each @ 70.00 retail value) $280.00 value 


    I am the original owner/purchased everything brand new and I have used them for an average of 10 trips a year for the 6 seasons.  Everything works and operates as they should.  They are the high speed, stainless steel, positive ion, automatic water stop, extendable booms.  If you are looking for the complete package of a good quality Cannon Down-rigger package then look no further.  I am selling these as is.  Two of the riggers have the front mount rod holders but will need the tubes or the Scotty/Cabelas rod holders for them.  I am located in Watertown, NO SHIPPING.  Serious inquires only!  Trolls keep your comments to yourself, none of us productive citizens have time for it.  If you would like to inquire please contact me via iPhone (315) Eight Zero Four-4 five 0 two.  I don't know about everyone else but my PM's still are not working right.  I paid dam near $5000.00 dollars for this equipment and the sale price to a good home is $1800.00.











  4. For those on this site who don’t know that a Cannon TS is the tournament series which are Stainless Steel and retail for $850, you now know. Yes I am a licensed captain, yes I have a full time job which is my primary source of income. Yes I run charters on the weekends I choose to book them. So at a price for 50% less of retail on equipment that comes with the accessories to make it turn key for the buyer if you have an issue with the price don’t inquire. My equipment is meticulously maintained. Equipment is ready for use.

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    I have 6 ea total. 4 are currently in use on the boat. Reason for selling is I upgraded to digitrolls. 4 come with the bases, covers, and wires to the battery. ($450 each)

    The other 2 I have as spares. I have not used them but they work as they should be. They come with the bases and wires. ($400 each).

    I will post pictures later. I am located in Watertown. Text or call me because the PM’s are still not working properly. (315) eight zero four- 45 zero two. Pick up only. NO SHIPPING

    I will get some pictures posted when I get to the boat, standby.



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  6. Happy Father’s Day to all our dads out there! Sorry for the late post but as the saying goes....... On the east end the bays still have some fish. Walleyes are here and there if you want to focus a fair amount of time into them. Bass seem to be just about everywhere in the bays. Pike and pickerel fishing the weeds is still good. Alewife still have a strong presence in the bays and all species are full of them. IMG_7711.JPGIMG_7710.JPGIMG_7709.JPGIMG_7708.JPG64592779136__10F49453-1AF4-4030-A617-0E523BA1507D.JPG64592682761__845275C6-1A57-41E3-8A54-0B4D24C5ADD5.JPG64592532722__D81B7740-FCEB-4F36-ADF4-01689BD59DAE.JPGIMG_7702.JPG



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