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  1. Fishing on Lake Ontario. Lakers, Kings, etc.. Some guys love them some guys hate them.. Should I buy one? Thanks
  2. any thoughts and/or opinions?? Thanks
  3. thoughts and opinions on Boga grip?

  4. I have had a pretty good year so far...no complaints. I agree the wind and water temp has made difference.
  5. Capt. Mark Brozowitz. Reel crazy charters. Great guy.
  6. Any pics or more info? [ Post made via iPhone ]
  7. Best Canvas on 104. Igor is his name. I have used him. Great work. Great guy. Great $$ [ Post made via iPhone ]
  8. where are you located? Can you send me a pic?
  9. I am open to offers... http://store.cannondownriggers.com/prod ... emp_System
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