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  1. I just ordered mine. Thank you!
  2. Thanks, guys. My biggest concern was simply that it's a legitimate business I've read where it's a thing for scam outboard sites taking people's money no motor show's up.
  3. Has anyone had any dealings with Onlineoutboards.com? I'm looking at the Suzuki Df9 to set up as a kicker. I know there are a bunch of scam sites out there. This one looks like its in TN.
  4. I'll send out a check tonight when I get home. Thank you.
  5. I would like two 12lb torpedo. If you still can.
  6. Ok, thank you. A little far for me for the near future. If it's still available when I have more time I'll reach out. Google says I'm over 4 hrs away.
  7. Thanks, guys. I'm excited to get it fishing. I sent an email to Panther. Let's see if they get back to me.
  8. Hello all. I'm picking up a new to me 2004 COBIA 210 this weekend. My question is..Does anyone have same boat with a kicker mounted? What bracket worked for you? I'd like to order it now so I can get it on ASAP Thank you I appreciate everyone's input.
  9. Same story here. We went 1 for 3 as well. The one we landed was a 10lb. Chinook in 40 fow. A real TROPHY fish . My sons first Salmon. All of our hits were on the same rod White glow with a Green fly. THINK SPRING !!!!! But first lets do some Hunting...
  10. We had a late start on Sat. We had two release and, the third was a Charm . My son Landed his first Salmon. A 10lb Chinook. Not the biggest but, He is HOOKED. Trolled for about three hours on Sunday morning. Again two release but, no fish. My youngest decided to stay home because he didnt want to deal with the cool temps.
  11. I Agree with everyone about boots!!!! I recommend Muck boots. Light weight comfortable and Warm!!!!( like wearing a sneaker) They offer A lighter version for early season or warm days as, well as a heavier for when it gets colder!!! The bottom is rubber. Rubber will not leave a trail of your scent and, the upper is made of neoprene. I also find getting them one size larger helps with keeping you warmer. Scent-loc clothes are a plus but, being on the down wind side of deer trails I believe is a must! To this day I dont know of any product to get rid of Human breath odor. You dont need to be a deer to smell that. Good Luck !!!!!
  12. Thanks to all I did not even try last week the conditions didnt look good. I am going to give it a shot this week. I hope I can get a couple hooked up. My sons are 9 and 10 and, I would Love to see them up for a good Battle. Memories like that last Forever!!!!
  13. Just a heads up. You can run three rods per person now. I dont know if this will change your mind. Like you I am looking at Sunday. Good luck !!!
  14. Name: Steve Location:Stone Ridge N.y Home Port:Kingston n.y Boat Name/Type:19ft. Regal I fish for: Stripers along Hudson River. Anything else that makes the reel Scream!!!!!!!! ================== (your welcome message to LOU - anything else you want to say to the community goes here). Hello everyone this is a Great site! Thank you to all that share experiences as, I will be sure to do the same. Im kinda new to fishing Lake Ontario but, I have made a few trips with friends. This weekend Im looking to take my boat up (first time) with my boys. We normally go out of Mexico but I am looking for a back-up plan. My boat is only 19ft. If the lake is Rough would Henderson Harbor be a good plan B. Do the Salmon get into the Harbor and, is it a bit more forgiving? Thanks, Steve
  15. Thank you, I will give it another try! It sounds like we were doing everything pretty much the same. We were a little farther from the ball and, I think I am going to go for new line and, a couple new Flashers and Flies. As for paying for a lesson. I believe we all do that in one form or another. If I was to go out with someone else and, learn all the rights and wrongs. I would have to work out my own bugs. Even if we did catch more fish. At the end of the day I would be no more ahead of the game. After all it is all about getting out there and fish. Right? Thank you !!!
  16. Weather permitting I am planning a trip up this weekend. I have a 19 ft. Regal with Penn manual down riggers and, a Furruno fish finder. I also have a couple of Dipseys to drag. I plan on staying close to the Mexico launch as I don't have gps yet. I will have to use the wheel for speed. My question is tackle an set up. How far behind the ball, is their such a thing as being to far back? What color combos (flasher,fly or spin doc,fly). Any help would be appreciated. I fished for three days on a friends boat two weeks ago without any luck(third year in a row). Thank you to anyone and, everyone who could help!!! I am considering doing a charter with my two sons but, would like to go out on my boat.
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