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  1. Congrats to all. Great media all season long


    Finally connected with a doe on Wednesday.



    Nothing but does and young bucks in archery. Opening day of gun at sunrise had a nice buck at 90yrds and missed with my muzzloader. Thought I made a good shot but no blood or hair at impact or found. Shot a hornady sst did you guys recommend barnes?

    Less than 48 hours later (including thanksgiving) got 34#s in the freezer thanks to Eichas Sausage in Hamlin!


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  2. I wonder if a spike/scrub buck tag would work. 4 or less points and lower than double height of the ears. Hoping that the bucks were over a year old. 

    might help with the jene pool

    id pay triple for sabbots right now. 

  3. Never seen pears on the ground and this year there was some low enough for a deer to pick. 

    They just started hitting them. 

    defiantly a different year. Also with all the dead ash the under growth is out of control. 

  4. Wanted to get out before the rain but 5:30 woke up and the rain started.

    Went out at 10 til it rained at 2 and saw two bucks. Got home and a doe and young son were in the backyard. The deercast app had poor movement but i think the deer are on their feet. The rest of the woods was alive and loud. 

    Fun hunt to get it started. 



  5. Anybody practice past sunset to the new shooting time?

    I could see but it wasn't easy and that was a black block target on green grass. 

    sight pin lights were bad. 

    Could be better using a single pin and larger peep sight?


  6. Thanks again for this thread! Cant wait. 

    haven't seen or heard a lot of action on the near by state land. 

    hope the public knows slugs are flying one week in September as they walk their dog in 80* weather. 

    also allows poachers tons of extra opportunities. Looks normal to be out.  have a slug gun. Kill deer. O Thought it was a doe. And shoot early and later. Ny velvet bucks watch out. 

  7. Ive been doing this for years for fish finder and hawk. Its on a smaller aluminum boat with a transom that i can use a c clamp tho. Always bring an extra c clamp.


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  8. I would like to follow a contour. How would i get the contour on the ipilot link? Bluetooth?

    I’d like to stick to 12v.

    I run an older power drive MKAA1697771. On my 1967 16’ starcraft

    I have the black adaptor plate do the new ones fit on those adaptors?

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