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  1. Reveal tactacams have been working good. App is nice. 

    would like that new one to download videos. I have to pull the card to get the videos.  

    it does change things. In one stand and you get a notification on another spot. 

  2. Great bucks all. 
    Had a great opportunity Sunday afternoon. 
    Long draw back, buck fever and tunnel vision. Hit a twig or made the worst shot every. 
    Huge loud noise on impact. Buck didn’t move much. My heart sunk as I noticed blood on his rear leg. 
    He moved slow and wondered what happened. Another buck near by didn’t spook either. 
    Waited and got down to find my arrow and no blood. Arrow was waxy, broadhead all bent up and rear end of arrow missing.  Walked a little and there was a decent blood trail but it dried up. Looked again Monday in daylight and found nothing. 

    Plan to go back this afternoon and hunt. Bow is on.

    Low expectations but gotta get back at it. 

  3. Snuck out after work in the light rain into a hut. Put my bow in a plastic bag. Stopped raining for the last hour. Saw some deer just before shooting time aka dark. Buck was busted up down to the main beams but did a 180 to a grunt and circled down wind. Fun when a call makes a difference. 

    lots of leaves fell. Whole different woods from Sunday. 

    hope to get out in the am too. 


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  4. 4 hours ago, DoubleTrouble1 said:

    That only happens once lol emoji57.png

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    I had all my under garments in a wegmans bag upstairs in the house for the morning. Woke up and it was raining so chose to sleep in. Through the bag in the garage. Wife thinks its a bathroom garbage and chucks it. Don’t find it and realize it was probably in the tote until after garbage day. 

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