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  1. I see and hear if you have dry exhaust and hammer down it works. I can’t believe people are at wide open throttle through there and they are not cheap boats not to mention the safety factor.
  2. From a novice weekend(hopefully) guy: Did you see fish on the finder? Any come up or down to your bait and not bite. Thats when you might have a gear or gear depth issue. Finding fish is key and difficult on your own, especially if you are out fishing only so often. The fish and lake itself move all the time. all techniques and gear don’t matter if you are not on any fish.
  3. Had a blast catching sheaphead. Found a few pockets of large fish that hit and fought like no other. great sport fish! ended with some fantastic skies even got a catfish on a new to me spoon converted to a worm harness.
  4. Smat64

    Eye 2024

    Good luck to all. Wish it was a Friday night. Work then plan to wash some worms. stay safe!
  5. The cormies showed up in Braddocks this morning in big numbers. Bummer.
  6. Somehow the rain stopped and we went out from Braddocks to Long Pond. there are two dead head logs just outside of the west side marina in the bay. Hit bottom in the channel right near the new head wall. only fished from 3-4:30pm and went 2-3. 15-30FOW. gobby bay rat got both salmon. Missed a dipsy bite. we had lighter rods with 10# so the fight was crazy. wind was too much so we headed in.
  7. Anyone know of where you can source Coosa board, local to Rochester NY. Everything I see has a major shipping fee.
  8. Briad-swivel-floro-snapswivel for everything. usually from waders its hard to keep it off the bottom.
  9. Is walleye open in another state?
  10. Im testing only a 30” leader so i have no knots to deal with going through eyelets or reel. Love it so far but do try to fish dirty water. I also put a mini spro swivel in between so there are no braid to flouro knots.
  11. Thanks all. Finally made it out with new gear. 6pm. 4 browns in 1/2 hr. Got a snag and after a re tie waves got too big. went with the okuma sst 9’-6” medium with a shimano 3000. 15lb power pro. long casts with a 3/4oz cleo and worked great to land the fish.
  12. What are people using for a spinning rod and reel setup for casting from shore, pier or waders for browns etc. looking to upgrade
  13. Anyone ben through Braddocks Bay outlet? I see smaller waves all breaking near the break wall area.
  14. How much better are the brushless trolling motors?
  15. Does anyone miss the almost unlimited size of the non chamber units? I am in the market too. prob not a normal issue but i could see a walleye fillet be tight fit in the chamber?
  16. I had fun last night. Deer were up and had two within 20 yards. Thats a plus as from gun opener it was hard to see deer accept for far away.
  17. Driving around and stopping quick can work. Seen them close when trolling and you can move towards the large packs.
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