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  1. Makes sense they give u the rubber brah, they must know it is fragile . ill try to use it more. figured it would have to be pretty bullet proof going from 0 to 40+ psi all day.
  2. Bummer. Did they join johnson outdoors which owns minnkota, humminbird and cannon? seams like they could repair, recall and or refurbish and sell or maybe send you a new sensor to repair
  3. Poor Fish. I'd be swimming up the falls to Erie
  4. Thats fun. Didn’t know you could get a brown at night.
  5. Almost have to measure their length this time of year. Looks long and wonder how much it would weight in the fall.
  6. Getting close. moon calendar has Sunday as excellent. late ice. got some mini planner boards to try. can’t wait. good luck stay safe.
  7. The old stews is open and he had bait last week.
  8. I do run it at full speed. Thats for both Hummingbird SI and fish hawk. the head unit is on a track and have alligator clips for the battery. i also add parts from a tip up for the ice.
  9. I use a c clamp and mount the ducers on aluminum angle iron. This only works with certain types of transoms.
  10. Snuck out for the first time this year. No clue why I didn’t make time but The weather looked good and I was free. trolled to long pond to check for perch. got a small brown on a orange bayrat. 15fow. The mouth of long pond looks better than it was but almost like they didn’t dredge. No bites on worms. got one more brown on the way back. It was nice to get it on a spinner rod w no planner board. also netted three 3” #2 black cloud shells. They were all over. worms are out tonight.
  11. You guys know if he is working next week?
  12. I built a styrofoam box and put a hand warmer in with the battery to keep it warm.
  13. Wasn't sure if this was a shepard. North side of hilton, today at lunch.
  14. Thats what u dream of when you you are sitting there and seeing nothing and you hear a buddy shoot. Then us see one and drop it to. Un real.
  15. I have been doing it with a voltage regulator and it works well. Its nice to use the same batteries and switch back n forth and you can get a lot of battery for the $ and use them all year.
  16. I assume they can track cell cams if stolen and turned on? thanks to another LOU thread I tried tactacam and love them. also alert in realtime if they walk in front of one.
  17. Wild weather for the end of the regular season! good luck stay safe.
  18. We are above average and raising it up, when almost always this time of year we are lowering it. Remember the days when there was a normal water level year?
  19. Congrats to all. Great media all season long Finally connected with a doe on Wednesday. Nothing but does and young bucks in archery. Opening day of gun at sunrise had a nice buck at 90yrds and missed with my muzzloader. Thought I made a good shot but no blood or hair at impact or found. Shot a hornady sst did you guys recommend barnes? Less than 48 hours later (including thanksgiving) got 34#s in the freezer thanks to Eichas Sausage in Hamlin!
  20. Who told the deer social distancing is 50yards in bow season?
  21. I wonder if a spike/scrub buck tag would work. 4 or less points and lower than double height of the ears. Hoping that the bucks were over a year old. might help with the jene pool id pay triple for sabbots right now.
  22. Not even coffee gets you up in the morning like your wife telling you she hears grunting in the back yard.
  23. Never seen pears on the ground and this year there was some low enough for a deer to pick. They just started hitting them. defiantly a different year. Also with all the dead ash the under growth is out of control.
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