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  1. How much better are the brushless trolling motors?
  2. Does anyone miss the almost unlimited size of the non chamber units? I am in the market too. prob not a normal issue but i could see a walleye fillet be tight fit in the chamber?
  3. I had fun last night. Deer were up and had two within 20 yards. Thats a plus as from gun opener it was hard to see deer accept for far away.
  4. Driving around and stopping quick can work. Seen them close when trolling and you can move towards the large packs.
  5. Change in camo color and aging back straps. Got to love it. Good luck all. Stay safe and nice.
  6. We should all get off from work this afternoon and tomorrow. Plus be able to use our gun buck tag.
  7. Nice buck. Teaching it right and safe. Good job.
  8. All hunters should get a sick day with weather like this. love buck pictures and also love doe pictures like this. Bucks checking area just after.
  9. Hope someone does. My wife said it was huge and a second deer hit just down the road in the median.
  10. Bummer. Good job staying safe. Xbow lookes loaded while walking and arguing. hope karma works in your favor and you are posting a big buck down soon.
  11. Sweet. Good luck. man the wait is always crazy. Mental shot replays, anticipation, theories on where to track, movement or other deer get ya going. Fun.
  12. Insane. I get buck fever thinking about seeing that deer. Congratulations.
  13. Charge, basement and on a piece of wood? Someone might have told me to not leave them on concrete?
  14. I got in the stand last night and had deer around me the whole time. Scored a nice 8pt. Good to make a good shot with a bow after last year’s missed shot. Builds some confidence for sure. my 9yr old son said “dad you know why you made a good shot, because i make you practice so much”. We have been shooting a-lot together which makes it super fun. made me proud. He can’t wait to be old enough to hunt and neither can I.
  15. Same here. 4 bucks and two sharpening their skills, in daylight.
  16. Happy Bow Kamp! should we be ready for plan B when we wake up and camera B is full of deer? amazing how often mother nature messing with us. We will never figure it out and thats why its fun. good luck and stay safe!
  17. Very nice outside this evening, chilling right down. Can’t wait.
  18. Eichas Snack sticks are amazing too. Ben going there since flatlander shut down.
  19. Nice mid day run and it sounds like fun. Lots of marks up at 40 down?
  20. Nice fishing and crazy Atlantic. Your dialed in. any recommendations on targeting atlantics?.
  21. 2nd on the cedar plank if its too fishy or desired.
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