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  1. Man tough fishing for sure. Wonder if its better at eagle or oak?
  2. Nice job. Especially that late at night. Always love the drive in. Especially with a 75HP.
  3. Pretty breezy and only could get out near 120 before it was a little too sporty. fished 60 to 120fow and had cold water in 60fow on the way out but nothing on the way in. Ended 6 for 8 with 2 browns and one mature king. King came on a minion flasher and meat rig. Skippers tied up a few spoon lines but all looked ready to go for a swim and we checked rods a lot. even the bigger king revived and swam away good. flasher fly got nothing. brown trout looked normal, no nuclear. Hope it tastes as good. fleas were not bad at all. Flies were so so. Supper fun trip!
  4. We have had good luck with CVA optima V2. Sportsman guide double discount shipped to your door if you are looking for a low budget option. Also there is a whole bunch of added supplies needed so figure that in too.
  5. Looks like the bottle went from 10 to 8 oz too, but thanks for the post as i haven't seen it for sale in years.
  6. Is the high performance the same? Looks like a different bottle. Also went from 30 to 60 bucks.
  7. Got out with my 8yr old son until he wasn’t feeling it. Got to shore and he launched. Bummer he really wanted to go. Headed back out and made it out to 200. Low marks. Cold water shallow around 50 down. Headed in and fished 50fow. Ended two skippers and two smaller browns. Kept one, meat looks amazing can’t wait. good to get out and be back safe.
  8. Insane laker. Congrats! Love the history and teaching the young ones!
  9. Thats a lot of fishing for three or less rods and solo! Great job.
  10. Makes sense they give u the rubber brah, they must know it is fragile . ill try to use it more. figured it would have to be pretty bullet proof going from 0 to 40+ psi all day.
  11. Bummer. Did they join johnson outdoors which owns minnkota, humminbird and cannon? seams like they could repair, recall and or refurbish and sell or maybe send you a new sensor to repair
  12. Poor Fish. I'd be swimming up the falls to Erie
  13. Thats fun. Didn’t know you could get a brown at night.
  14. Almost have to measure their length this time of year. Looks long and wonder how much it would weight in the fall.
  15. Getting close. moon calendar has Sunday as excellent. late ice. got some mini planner boards to try. can’t wait. good luck stay safe.
  16. The old stews is open and he had bait last week.
  17. I do run it at full speed. Thats for both Hummingbird SI and fish hawk. the head unit is on a track and have alligator clips for the battery. i also add parts from a tip up for the ice.
  18. I use a c clamp and mount the ducers on aluminum angle iron. This only works with certain types of transoms.
  19. Snuck out for the first time this year. No clue why I didn’t make time but The weather looked good and I was free. trolled to long pond to check for perch. got a small brown on a orange bayrat. 15fow. The mouth of long pond looks better than it was but almost like they didn’t dredge. No bites on worms. got one more brown on the way back. It was nice to get it on a spinner rod w no planner board. also netted three 3” #2 black cloud shells. They were all over. worms are out tonight.
  20. Smat64

    Sold / Closed Legacy -The 2021 Season-

    You guys know if he is working next week?
  21. I built a styrofoam box and put a hand warmer in with the battery to keep it warm.
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