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  1. Looking for a set of Otter Boats.
  2. contact oak park marina they have brand new cabins just built for rent.
  3. Wanted Tiara 33 open

    Thanks pirate I used Craigslist a bit have posted before but mostly just bought that ny craigslist for that one you posted talked to the guy via email he's not willing to drop price much I'm in no hurry if I have to I'll wait till end of year when these guys asking to much will indeed drop the price. However, if you notice a deal that's in my 50-60 price rage I appreciate the information on it. Dave...
  4. Wanted Tiara 33 open

    Seen the 93 in Port Clinton I put offer in but he didn't budge.
  5. Wanted Tiara 33 open

    that one in nyc is sweet I need another 20k
  6. Wanted Tiara 33 open

    I'm staying firm on a 33 don't want anything smaller.
  7. Wanted Tiara 33 open

    Thanks Searchtempest is pretty sweet.
  8. I can also vouch for this boat. This is a great boat make someone very happy. Clint does great work and you will never have to worry about replacing the stringers again and Hank is the best mechanic on the south shore.
  9. Wanted Tiara 33 open

    Ya I looked at this one its beat the salt kills boats. looking for something a bit newer and fresh preferably been all over boat trader and yacht world. One I would of bought was a 93 in Michigan for 59k but has a sale pending. thanks for looking out.
  10. Tiara 33 open Looking for a Tiara 33 open Rigged or unrigged doesn't matter. Must be turn key therefore mechanical sound and in good shape willing to pay a decent dollar so nothing really old. 50-60k price range.
  11. For Sale : USA Quad rod holders

    Make a reasonable offer...
  12. Scotty down riggers

    Sold sold sold