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  1. Got myself a few on the wknd out front of port weller. 4 hr solo trip running 2 riggers @ 25ft over 38-41fow . spoons of choice were Diamond King SS Chart Melon Size 5 and NK Mag YGG in Green Monkey Puke. Went 8 for 11 with a double header! Im new to this great lakes fishing so it was quite the experience for me. I'll have to poke around this site some more to learn some of the valuable info you guys have to offer. Not many posts on here from the south shore on this side of the bridge so if im gonig to borrow your some of your knowledge the least I can do is show you my results.
  2. Was out last night and they are starting to show up....Not in very thick yet...Full moon is near....Have a feeling this weekend will be mayhem.
  3. Looking for 2 Clarion or Cat 30s.....Just starting out and looking for some decent gear..... Spring is just around the corner... Good time for someone to upgrade
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