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  1. I got an Accudepth 47LC for Christmas. Will I be able to put enough wire on it to run a wire dipsy setup? It says it will hold 280yds of 0.45 mono. If so, I will probably buy a match. Any suggestions for type/length of backing, type/length of wire? I'm also gonna need suggestions for rods to put these on.

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  2. I fish on a Boston Whaler 20' Outrage. The rails around the bow and the console are loosening up because the screws are pulling out of the fiberglass. What do you suggest as a remedy? I was thinking about using metal anchors and new screws for the metal to fiberglass and then just using a slightly larger threaded screw for the metal to metal points. Thanks for any suggestions you can provide!

  3. Hey Mike! I actually have a slicer, but I'm not experienced with curing and smoking. Sorry to hear about your deer season, mine wasn't that great either. Bow was fun, I hate gun season though. Did you see the pics of the buck that was shot across the road from where you.hunt?

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  4. Had plans for a while to take a guy out Saturday so we stuck to it, despite the horrible weather. Launched at the South end and set up once we hit 100' FOW. Ran 2 dipsys and 2 riggers (2 lines stacked). Landed a 15" brown off a chrome flasher/white fly 120' back on a mono dipsy. Next fish was a 15" bow on a white glo/green crush stinger parked at 85'. Next hit was on the other dipsy, a Mountain Dew SD/green hammer fly back 160' on mono. This fish was ripping drag and then it jumped....we all saw how big it was, and then the line went slack. First time all year this happened, but my swivel between the dipsy and leader to SD bent open all the way. As I was reeling in the dipsy, we watched as that giant bow jumped around on the surface trailing the SD....feel horrible about that. I'd settle for losing the SD if I knew that fish wasn't still tethered to the darn thing. The fish looked to be in the 8-10lb size class. Continued north in 180' fow for while, turned and went south with no action, then crossed lake to the West side, trolled north with no hits, then back south with no hits. Picked up around 12 and realized we had been dragging a small laker on one rigger (42 second NK28) and then pulled the other rigger to find a waterlogged rainbow on the white glo/green crush spoon on that one too. Should have checked those riggers more, but we were so attentive to them we couldn't imagine missing a fish on them. I even loosened up my releases as I set them. Good last trip of the year....good luck to those that make it out this weekend. Looks like it's going to be nice!

  5. We ran straight to 500 FOW this am, and it was slow, but we were marking bait and fish consistently at 100. Caught 1 steelie on a kevorkian at 130' on the rigger and we had a double with little kings off the same rigger. One was a bloody death at 120 and the other was a glo frog at 90. Had a couple other releases, but nothing there when I grabbed the rod. might try this afternoon again, maybe go for browns if I can find them.

  6. Wayne,

    I'll be heading out of I-Bay tomorrow am. I don't have a probe, so I can't help you with temps, but I will be on CH 68 and will share any info I have if you want to get ahold of me. Boat name is the Bahtenda. I plan on checking for bait and fish in 100-200 and if nothing is showing I'm gonna try to make the run out deep. Hopefully we'll get a good lead or two on this post.

    Good Luck,


  7. Got out on Cayuga for the first time on Saturday. Camped at the state park and launched at Dean's Cove at 6am. Ran South about halfway to the point and setup in about 240 FOW. Dipsy on mono back 140' on a 2.5 over 320 FOW with a white/green dot SD/green hammer fly took a 4.5lb LL to start the day. Almost lost it as it went between the rigger cable and the boat because I panicked like a rookie and dropped the net to grab the line and pull it out, but the guy on the rod did that for me and when I went to pick up the net it was all tangled up on the cranks of the rigger rods :o Got it out, netted the fish, took the heat for that the rest of the day Second fish was a long but skinny 5lb. laker on a 42 second DW down 90 over 170 on a rigger. The laker fooled us....I felt a fish as I grabbed the rod, handed it to him and nothing, figured it was some of the weeds that caused us so much trouble all day, so I put the net back...then the fish decided to jump out of the water about 40' back....and the game was on! It fought real good and eventually we netted it. 8) The rest of the day we had a slow pick of small LL's and landed one more small laker to make our total 6 of 8 landed for the day. The first fish was the only dipsy/FF bite we landed. The rest came on spoons off the rigger, a couple on the 42 second, a couple on a pinkish purple and black spoon with a lazer ladderback...not sure what that one is called and had one on a black NK28 with a purple stripe. Went out again 8am-12 on Sunday but never had a release or bite we could say wasn't weeds. Thanks to the Hannah Marie for chatting quickly with us on the radio. I knew we were in the right place when I saw that boat after reading his report from the end of the week. Back to the big lake this weekend!

  8. I'm headed to Cayuga for the weekend to do some camping with friends at the North end. We're bringing the boat and hoping to get in on some of the trout and salmon action. We will be launching at the state park where we are camping. Is there decent fishing on the North end or should we be running down South? Seems like all the posts on here have been coming from mid-lake and South. We normally fish Lake O, and from the sounds of it, we can just carry over our program and it will work out there on Cayuga.....unless anyone has any tips for changes we should make (i.e., speed, lead length, etc.). Thanks in advance for any help.


  9. Can you guys give me some suggestions for storing flys and my leader sections when not in use? I have seen the flies just wrapped around the SD or flasher but I think I kinked up my leader to the fly that way. I also end up tying up new leaders for between my dipsy and flasher each time because they get all tangled up or they get kinked. I have a little circular "leader keeper" but I am looking for a new trick that doesn't tangle them up so bad.

  10. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name:Bahtenda





    Time on Water:6:30am-4ish


    Wind Speed/Direction:c


    Surface Temp:


    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits:18

    Total Boated:6

    Species Breakdown:Kings and Steelies

    Hot Lure: Green Fly

    Trolling Speed: 2.2-3.0 on the GPS

    Down Speed: na

    Boat Depth: 170-300

    Lure Depth:30's




    Setup in 150 FOW and began trolling NW, had a steelhead hit a Mag Hawg Wild 40 down off the rigger before I had the 6th rod in the water. Once all the rods were in, the NK 28 Lazer spook behind a 000 moocher LJ silver flasher with green tape in the middle of it 70' down and a mag candy corn stacked above it at 50' down fired at least five times, all of which there really wasn't anything there by the time we grabbed it. We weren't slow about it either, not sure what was happening there. After that we had a screamer peel off about 200' of line on mono dipsy back 120' with a hawg wild SD/NK28 NBK on it, only to have it break off taking all of it but the dipsy. The rest of the fish came off the dipsy on the other side with a NBK SD/and an atomik Green Hammer fly. Ended up with two kings 15 and 18, and the rest steelies. Most hits came around 240' FOW. Wish I didn't leave all the flies at home on accident, probably would have had a few more bites if I had more than one out. Against my better judgement I taught myself how to snell and retied a battered hammer fly I found in the box with 30lb mono....and it took a hit and didn't break. It was also the first day out using flea flicker....I am so glad I switched up! That stuff worked great.

  11. I thought our FF was not working properly too, but then we went to Erie on Saturday for a day of pleasure boating, and we were marking all kinds of bait and fish....so we figured if we are gonna float around we might as well drop some riggers and dipsies! Ended up catching some walleyes and the hits were consistent with where we were marking fish. Then Sunday fished out of the Oak, and had a great day with decent fish...but nothing on the screen to speak of. A small bait ball a couple of times in 10hrs of fishing. The couple we saw were in the 40'-70' range.

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